November 7th midnight: White PS3 available, where?

Gaming fans it seems have a lot to look forward to in the lead up to Christmas and early part of 2012. If it isn’t a much longed for game such as Battlefield 3, Gran Turismo 5 or even Call of Duty: MW3 which coincidentally releases midnight tonight, then its news of an updated or new gaming … [Read more...]

New Possible iPhone 4S In White: AT&T Shows?

We wish we could be the bearer of good news in relation to Apple's new iPhone 5, but presently we are no further on in finding out its official release date and that's if we see it this side of Christmas. Rumors have been circling for months now in relation to whether it will be much different from … [Read more...]

White Samsung Galaxy S II Seen Online: Expensive Option?

Samsung's new Galaxy S II smartphone has been wowing a huge audience of consumers for the last 2 or so months. Just recently released, the handset is now available in most countries barr the US and if the news is anything to go on, many will be waiting for its arrival for a tad bit longer. Moving … [Read more...]

UK White Galaxy S II: Official Verification 1st September

We know that there is a huge following for the new Samsung Galaxy S II and in order for the Korean company to achieve their target sales figure of 10 million for the year end, its paramount that as many countries are included in the equation, marketing campaigns are kept at the forefront of peoples' … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II In White: UK August 15th? Apple’s Downfall

As sales of the Samsung Galaxy S II top the scales in many countries, the US is still patiently awaiting its arrival, although we have to add for not much longer. Rumors have surfaced that it will make its presence known around August 12th, which may be slightly after Motorola's Droid Bionic but … [Read more...]

Verizon White iPhone 4: Will You Buy The 16GB or 32GB Model?

Just a matter of days ago, we gave you news that the elusive White iPhone 4 would at last be making an appearance. Although some 10 months down the line from its supposed initial release, the handset is due to make its entrance sometime during this month. This comes as Apple's very own Phil … [Read more...]

Rumored Specs for MacBook Pro: No White Model in 2011

News of the new MacBook Pro Refresh from Apple is hot news at the moment and with an expected launch of tomorrow (Thursday) CEO Steve Jobs birthday, we have yet more information to give you. Over the last few days, we have reported on pricing for the 13 and 15-inch models as well as the upgraded … [Read more...]

White iPhone 4 / 5 Release: Matter of Weeks Anticipation Building

For some the wait for the white iPhone 4 to show itself was just too much to bear. No doubt for many of you, the decision was made to look at other smartphone alternatives, but this cannot be said for other perhaps avid Apple fans. … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: White Version Exclusively For O2


The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the first certified PlayStation phone and guess what, even before the normal black phone has been released we have learned that this bad boy will also come in white and it looks lovely! … [Read more...]

Google White Nexus S Available At Vodafone UK: iPhone 4 Contender?

If at this present time you are making a decision to purchase a new smartphone, but are holding out in the hope that you will be enticed by something a little different, then today's news might be just the ticket? For news has filtered through of the Google Nexus S handset being available from … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 4 vs BlackBerry Torch 9800: Clash Of The Whiteons (Hands On)

News from Research in Motion has been a little on the quiet side, that’s up until now, for Vodafone will be releasing a white version of the Torch 9800, running on the BlackBerry 6 OS, packed full of fantastic specifications which we will give you a run down of later on in the post. … [Read more...]

White iPhone 4 Release: More delays


We recently reported on the expected delays of the new White iPhone 4 release. On Friday Apple released a press statement saying that “The release date of the White iPhone 4 will now be later this year and not the end of this month due to Apple still experiencing challenges“. Understandingly … [Read more...]