CIA John, Bin Laden Tracker: Revealed on White House Flickr


Back in May the world first heard about the death of Osama Bin Laden and we told about immediate social media reactions, how the raid that found him was reported live on Twitter, Twitter stats about the death and much more. Today we have heard that C.I.A. John, a man integral to the hunt and … [Read more...]

The White House On Facebook: Half Fans Are Over 50

When it comes to Facebook there are more than 500 million users signed up to their service which makes it the largest of all the social networks. We try to report on the majority of scam, virus and malware that we see as well as talking to you about some statistics … [Read more...]

Monster.Com and the White House: Your views on unemployment count


We’ve recently seen with the Midterm Elections 2010 how social media is being increasingly used in politics including how many news organizations offered coverage of the election through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. … [Read more...]