The Pinterest Diet plan book with weight loss recipes

The Pinterest Diet plan book with weight loss recipes

As we all know Pinterest is one of the best online social media sites to be when it comes to creativity, designs, businesses, ideas and of course recipes and diets etc. The social media site has worked so well there is a book available on Amazon titled “The Pinterest Diet: How to Pin Your Way … [Read more...]

Facebook removes Marilyn McKenna weight loss photo: Debate

Facebook removes Marilyn McKenna weight loss photo- Debate

There are a few that are not on Facebook’s side this time round after they removed a woman’s photo of standing in one leg of her pants after she lost over 120 pounds. Marilyn McKenna of Washington State decided she wanted to show her weight loss on Facebook by posting a photo of herself, but this … [Read more...]

Twitter Hacked Accounts: Weight-Loss Spam Spreading


Social networking sites are increasing in popularity and have become part of our daily lives. At times reports have claimed that people cannot be without sites such as Facebook and Twitter and rely on them to stay in touch with their loved ones and groups of friends. Another to add to the mix is … [Read more...]

Twitter: Celebrity “Kirstie Alley” Tweets Of Weight Loss

Cheers and Look Who’s Talking American actress “Kirstie Alley”, 59, is the latest celebrity to use Twitter. The online social networking site can be used to post information and message friends by way of tweeting. The number of celebrities using Twitter is increasing by the day. … [Read more...]