HP is Shutting Down WebOS: Surprised?


When you think about the world of tablet PCs you instantly think about the Apple iPad (2) and the Android devices that currently dominate the market. Of course, Android has been taken on by the majority of manufacturers but there was one that decided not to go with it, instead they opted for the … [Read more...]

HP TouchPad 4G Pre-Orders Open: Amazon - Price $700


The HP TouchPad tablet device that HP hoped would blow the Apple iPad 2 out of the water has had a pretty mixed reception so far with our review roundup conclusion being that it could do better. However we recently told how a TouchPad 4G version was on its way although we had no news then of a price … [Read more...]

HP TouchPad Review Roundup: Could Do Better


The HP TouchPad tablet device, which HP has extremely high hopes for, will see a release tomorrow on July 1 and we’ve been bringing you plenty of news and also speculation about this webOS tablet, along with the price. As the first reviews have started to appear we thought it might be useful for our … [Read more...]

HP Touchpad Pre-Order Now Best Buy & Amazon: Available July 1


We’ve been giving you details and news about the HP TouchPad webOS tablet since we first heard about it back in February. HP thinks this tablet is a big rival for the Apple iPad 2 and has already thrown down the gauntlet. We also told recently about the release date for the TouchPad being July 1. … [Read more...]

HP TouchPad Tablet Release and Price: July 1 for webOS Tablet


Back in February we told you about the HP TouchPad webOS tablet and then more recently told of an expected release in June. Last month we then informed you of price details from Walmart and then we also reported how HP thinks its TouchPad could annihilate the Apple iPad 2 competition, which was … [Read more...]

TouchPad to Annihilate iPad 2? HP Throws Down the Gauntlet


We’ve been bringing you news on the HP TouchPad tablet device for some time now. Most recently we gave you some news about the price at Walmart where we referred to the TouchPad as a possible iPad 2 challenger. Now though it seems that HP think that its TouchPad could annihilate the iPad and is very … [Read more...]

HP Pre 3 Price of €449 or $640 - Release Date of June 30 Given

We like to keep our readers informed about the latest new smartphones available and back in April we gave you some details on the HP Pre 3 on Verizon with rumored news of a release date in the summer. Although a release date had still not confirmed as we wrote this we do have news of the price … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Seasons: St.Patrick’s Day Version Preview - Video


We understand the world’s love of Angry Birds as we at OSM share it too, that is one of the reasons that we like to report on different things that are happening with the Rovio game. We have previously reported that Rovio celebrated 30 million Android Angry Bird downloads as well as the fact that it … [Read more...]

HP TouchPad Spotted: Featuring a SIM card slot - with video

The HP TouchPad has a lot of people eagerly waiting for its release. This high-spec tablet has had a lot of positive press and now we hear that a Vietnamese tech site has had plenty of time to get to grips with the TouchPad and even handily issued a video. … [Read more...]

HP Palm TouchPad Tablet: Release Date In April?


At MWC 2011 we heard about a tablet PC that is on its way, this is the HP Palm TouchPad. We recently asked you if you thought it would be any competition for the iPad but with it being one of the new tablets using dual-core processing technology it certainly is … [Read more...]

Dual-Core HP TouchPad: Competition For iPad or Not?

We have waited a while for HP’s latest tablet the TouchPad, but it seems that the webOS device has come in and hit the floor running. Rightly so with Apple’s iPad 2 chomping at the bit, ready to burst in on the party and change the way we look at tablet devices, just like when its big brother the … [Read more...]

HP Palm Next-generation webOS Tablet / Smartphone Video

Remember that feeling you use to get as a child on Christmas day? Us too, having seen the latest teaser video from HP Palm titled Think Beyond, the feeling of giddiness and excitement has overcome us all here at OSM, leaving us all like small children waiting to tear into a big pile of presents. … [Read more...]

HP WebOS Tablet Unveiling On The 9 February: iPad Contender?


With plenty of devices to report on from last week's CES show, and news of 2011 being the year of the tablet, its a surprise to hear that we will have to wait a little longer to hear of Hewlett Packard's offering into the market. Judging by comments from Personal System Group Executive VP “Todd … [Read more...]

Palm Tablet: Keyboard accessory leak for “Topaz” device

Way back in October we told how an HP Palm OS tablet was rumored to be on its way and then later wrote an article about the tablet war soon getting messy with not only an iPad 2, on the way but also the RIM BlackBerry Playbook and other tablets from HP, Acer and others all due to come out in early … [Read more...]

Palm Pre 2 webOS 2.0 Review: Disappointing Screen Size

For those of you interested in the Palm Pre 2 we told you previously that you could get hold of one which was unlocked directly from HP, you can read a bit more about that here. We are also going to bring you a review of the Palm Pre 2 as well as it’s specs and features … [Read more...]

Unlocked Palm Pre 2 available from HP online now


We have some good news today for those of you who want an unlocked Palm Pre 2 as HP online have now put this up for sale. It will normally be shipped within 24 hours so if you can’t wait for a smartphone operating on HP webOS 2.0 this may be the phone for you. … [Read more...]

Palm CEO: Plans for WebOS in 2011

Jon Rubinstein the CEO of Palm is very aware of the mistakes that the company have made when it comes to smartphones, hence why that part was bought by HP, but he has been much more optimistic with the plans for the WebOS for 2011. HP’s previous claims that there would be printers working on the … [Read more...]

Foursquare Mobile: Beer App For BlackBerry, iOS, Android, webOS

Attention all beer drinkers! Are you involved with Foursquare and a beer drinker? Well Foursquare have released untapped which is a mobile based application which allows you to share beers and give feedback about different beers and establishments … [Read more...]

HP Slate 500 Official: Palm / webOS Tablet Coming

Since CES 2010 we have wondered if Hewlett Packard will ever release a tablet device, we now have official news that the HP Slate running Windows 7 is a done deal. The device will be powered by an Atom processor and will be aimed at the enterprise market – something for the BlackBerry PlayBook to … [Read more...]

Angry Birds webOS Pre App: More fun than iPhone

Angry Birds has taken the app world by storm on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, and up until now those with a Palm Pre have yet to experience the true enjoyment of the game (walkthrough of the game). That is until now, as Matt Hickey from Crave Cnet reports that Angry Birds has now been … [Read more...]