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"Wayne Rooney" News

Wayne Rooney Tweets Mock Up Image Of Him And Prince William

[ 0 ] April 30, 2022

Twitter is growing pretty quickly, only recently we reported that it now has more than 200 million users signed up and one of them famously joined last week. That person is Wayne Rooney, this has been met with a mixed reception as he is one of the best English sports stars we have seen in [...]

Wayne Rooney Reveals On Twitter His Phone Was Hacked

[ 0 ] April 28, 2022

While many sports stars have taken to Twitter such as Rio Ferdinand to try and be closer to the fans and I guess also to stay in touch with their actual friends it quite often lands them in hot water. Take Carlton Cole from West Ham, he has recently been hit with a £20,000 for [...]

Wayne Rooney on Twitter? Over 150,000 Follow After Only 3 Days

[ 0 ] April 25, 2022

Here at OSM we often report on the prolific use of Twitter by celebrities and sporting stars and one of the busiest users is Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United defender. Now it seems that his teammate Wayne Rooney has been encouraged to Twitter and even though at present his account is unverified he’s already managed to [...]

Ferdinand on Wayne Rooney Swearing: Twitter Defence

[ 0 ] April 4, 2022

Here on OSM we often report on what celebrities and sportsmen are up to on Twitter and one of the most prolific tweeters is Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand. We recently told of his praise for Arsenals’ Jack Wilshere after the England game against Wales and also told of Ferdinand’s April Fools’ attempt using Twitter. This [...]

Wagner & Rooney: Facebook's Most Wanted

Wagner & Rooney: Facebook’s Most Wanted

[ 0 ] December 15, 2021

Yesterday we bought you news of Facebook and it’s hottest searched topics and status updates for 2010. On looking at recent analysis, results indicated that the most-talked about topics over the last 12 months were the World Cup, Justin Bieber, Haiti, Chilean Miners, iPad and iPhone 4 and so on. The favored phrase used on [...]

This weeks top 10 trends on Twitter

This weeks top 10 trends on Twitter

[ 0 ] October 24, 2021

Twitter as we all know is a busy place for news and discussion and as usual we are going to be having a look at the 10 most popular trends this week. Mashable has kindly revealed what the hottest topics on the microblogging service are this week and we are bringing them to you right [...]