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"Voice Control" News

iPhone 5 “Assistant” Voice Awareness: Inclusion?

[ 1 ] July 25, 2021

Rumors for Apple’s iPhone 5 are still as rampant as ever and the latest is that its release will be sometime in September/October. We’ve been keeping you up to speed with the latest news be it specs, name changes, carriers, price and of course release date. At this year’s WWDC event which has been and…

Microsoft Kinect: The Power Of Voice Control Shown At E3 2011

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

For those of you who are proud Microsoft Xbox 360 and Kinect owners things are only getting better. The war of the consoles is certainly heating up as we have entered the major event in the gaming calendar, E3 2011

T-Mobile Bobsled Free Facebook Calling: It’s NOT A Scam

[ 0 ] May 25, 2022

One of the main focuses that we have had at OSM in recent times has been around raising the awareness of Facebook malware, scams and virus that regularly circulate on the massive social network. Today we wanted to tell you about something you shouldn’t be alarmed about if you see it popping up on your…

iPhone 5 Improved Voice Feature: Advanced Coming to iOS 5.0

[ 0 ] May 10, 2022

We’ve been posting articles about the next-generation iPhone, the Apple iPhone 5, for some time but recently news has calmed down after the rumors of a later release than expected. We have a rumor today though of an iPhone 5 improved voice feature as there is news that Apple will be including advanced voice control…