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"Visa" News

iPhone 5 NFC Inclusion: Imperative

[ 1 ] May 11, 2022

Rumors of the new forthcoming iPhone 5 from Apple have been rife for quite some time, and although there is still no official word as to when the phone will release, the news just keeps on coming. In recent months we have brought you reports of the possible specs that may and may not make…

NFC Competes With 2012 London Olympics With Samsung & Visa

[ 0 ] April 1, 2022

One of the biggest sporting events to take place on the calendar is of course the 2012 London Olympics, and here at OSM we have brought you news on how and where to obtain your tickets and how the London Underground will be implementing at least 120 WiFi hot-spots across the city to help you…

iPhone 5 News: Visa testing NFC payments

[ 0 ] February 1, 2022

Although it’s still a few more months until its release the Apple iPhone 5 is already the subject of much discussion and we’ve published many recent articles with news and speculation about this much-awaited handset. Our most recent articles include a roundup of features we expect on the iPhone 5 and also an article on…

Official Visa App for iPhone now available

Official Visa App for iPhone now available

[ 0 ] December 14, 2021

With today’s use of smartphones many of us would be lost without all the apps currently available and just recently some of our posts have included information on Android apps for business productivity, 2 new Dr. Seuss Android apps, and today a post extremely useful for this time of year, a new iPhone app called…

New Yorkers To Pay Public Transport Costs Using iPhone

New Yorkers To Pay Public Transport Costs Using iPhone

[ 0 ] September 23, 2021

In a bid to ease the stress that some New Yorkers may get when paying for public transport costs, a new idea from Visa has now been developed. For those who have to pay for subway, bus and train fares, the iPhone can now be used instead of usual payment methods. Christina Warren at Mashable…