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"Viral" News

Mother-in-Law’s Email to Bride Goes Viral: Would you want her?

[ 0 ] June 30, 2021

Here at OSM we pride ourselves on bringing you all the latest developments in the tech and social media word but occasionally we like to bring you news on viral videos, or social media blunders. Today we have news of an email that a prospective mother-in-law sent to her son’s future bride and we’re asking,…

Angry Birds Live: Inspired By T-Mobile With Video

[ 1 ] June 10, 2021

Two things that we love at OSM are Angry Birds and YouTube viral videos. Some of the recent clips include the Final Fantasy 7 stop motion movie, Justin Bieber featuring in “Will It Blend” and of course the latest Epic Meal Time – Epic Hors D’Oeurves

Final Fantasy 7 Stop Motion Movie Is A YouTube Hit

[ 0 ] June 10, 2021

YouTube has become a place for people to express themselves in all sorts of different ways, recently we have been reporting on some of the viral videos such as the Ultimate Dog Tease and the Shampoo Prank as well as the new trend of Google Guitar songs

The First Ever YouTube Video Is Back: Me At The Zoo

[ 0 ] June 8, 2021

When it comes to YouTube videos that are either viral or popular for another reason we have brought you plenty. Some of the recent entries include the Korea’s Got Talent orphan singer, the latest Epic Meal Time feast and of course the funny shampoo prank that had us all rolling on the floor holding our…

Diabolo Kid Sets YouTube Ablaze With Amazing Viral Video

[ 0 ] May 30, 2022

The wonderful world of YouTube is more popular than ever with 48 hours of content being uploaded every 60 secondsb. Some of the clips that are uploaded are privileged enough to become viral hits with a lot of people viewing it in a short space of time

Lonely Island Go Viral With Michael Bolton & The Jack Sparrow Song

Lonely Island Go Viral With Michael Bolton & The Jack Sparrow Song

[ 0 ] May 9, 2022

Here at OSM we have great fun scouring YouTube for the funniest videos we can find, this task is made easier due to the fact that most of the clips we bring you are currently very popular and are trending.

Facebook Event Invite Goes Viral: Birthday Party Crashed!

[ 0 ] March 15, 2022

Facebook as we all know is a great way to share things like our emotions, photos and Birthday wishes with our friends. Sharing on Facebook is one of the key features behind the social networking service, but this next story takes sharing to a whole new level!

Photo-based Meme: How to Get Started

Photo-based Meme: How to Get Started

[ 0 ] December 5, 2021

Do you consider yourself a photo genius, or feel that sometimes the pictures you take could benefit from having something a little different added to them, to get those all important comments and maybe laughs? Your images could be customized by way of resizing them, merging pics together or adding your own text, making it…

Marriage Proposal Video- Is it A Fake?

[ 0 ] November 8, 2021

Asking the woman of your dreams to marry you can be one of the greatest days of your life. For many people it becomes a competition, trying to find the most incredible way to ask your significant other to marry you. There are loads of videos all over the internet showing guys asking their girlfriends…

Cee-Lo 'F--- You' Video & Huge Twitter Response

Cee-Lo ‘F— You’ Video & Huge Twitter Response

[ 0 ] August 25, 2021

Today there has been a huge buzz surrounding singer, rapper and songwriter Cee-Lo and a new song he has written called ‘F— You’, this track has proved to be popular amongst a lot of celebrities including 50 Cent despite its use of bad language.