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"Viral Marketing" News

Social Media Marketing Christmas Strategy

[ 1 ] October 20, 2021

With the countdown until Christmas, is it too late to start using social media to advertise your company? Of course not. According to a recent study by LinkShare, 50% of retailers will be using social platforms this coming winter and 37% exploring the option of using online vouchers and special offers.

Viral Campaign "Mafia Wars" Causes Uproar

Viral Campaign “Mafia Wars” Causes Uproar

[ 0 ] August 22, 2021

Zynga’s “Mafia Wars“, the multiplayer browser game available on the PC, Mac OS and iPhone is now under criticism with the way it has advertised it’s viral marketing campaign. Zynga who are renowned for the development of their games and providing entertainment for millions of players are worth an estimated $4 billion. News surrounding the [...]

Cisco Does Old Spice Guy: 18 YouTube Videos

Cisco Does Old Spice Guy: 18 YouTube Videos

[ 0 ] July 29, 2021

It was only a matter of time before another brand tired to take advantage of the Old Spice Guy viral campaign. You would have thought that it would be some hip company that would be able to take the ad campaign to the next level – but you would be wrong, it is Cisco.

Viral Video Marketing: Providing new opportunities

Viral Video Marketing: Providing new opportunities

[ 0 ] July 28, 2021

More and more companies have started to look at viral video marketing in a new light now; this is thanks to a certain Old Spice campaign. We knew that the brand was struggling in sales compared to other brands in the same market out there, so seeing how the power of social media can change [...]

Video Marketing: Most effective but toughest

[ 0 ] July 20, 2021

Viral marketing through video is difficult. It’s not easy to direct the millions of YouTube viewers over to your particular video, and even if you get them there, you need an entertaining and relevent video to hold their attention. However it seems that there is a service which claims to make your video popular for [...]