Droid Bionic Benefit Bonanza From No Galaxy S II: Plus New Video

If you’re a Verizon customer waiting to purchase your next smartphone you’ll probably have considered the big triad of upcoming handsets that are the center of attention at the moment, the Motorola Droid Bionic, the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S II (or S2). However in the last few days … [Read more...]

Emma Stone Is Jim Carrey’s Passion: YouTube Video

Here at OSM we enjoy bringing you some of our favorite YouTube videos and recent examples have been the latest Epic Meal Time, soldiers performing to Glee in Afghanistan and also an Epic Rap Battle. Today a rather odd YouTube video featuring actress Emma Stone as the subject of Jim Carrey’s … [Read more...]

Motorola Droid Bionic Video Reveal: Shows Speed & Boot Sequence

The Motorola Droid Bionic is one of the smartphones that continues to excite us and at OSM we’ve been keeping readers well informed with developments. Recently we’ve given you details of a very likely release date and price, information about specs and features from a leaked manual and also some … [Read more...]

Sausage Fest - New Epic Meal Time YouTube Hit

At OSM we love to cover the latest and greatest in terms of viral videos, a lot of the time they are posted by the same people such as the guys behind the Epic Meal Time clips. They have a new YouTube hit titled “Sausage Fest” and we thought it was only fair we told you about this one too … [Read more...]

YouTube Viral Video: Geek Gets Girl part 1/2 ‘Tonka Summit too’

At OSM we report on a wide range of topics ranging from social media all the way through to technical advances and YouTube viral videos. Now we have another viral video to talk to you about, it’s titled “Geek Gets Girl Part 1 ‘Tonka Summit too’” and it features an RC car, a camera, a … [Read more...]

Is a Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE Coming? Unpacked Event Teaser

The Samsung Galaxy S II or S2 continues to excite those in the US who have yet to see its release, which is looking likely to be around the same time as the Motorola Droid Bionic, both beating the arrival of the Apple iPhone 5. Today we have news of a possible Galaxy S II 4GE LTE upgrade from a … [Read more...]

Amazing YouTube Clip: Useful Dog Tricks 2 by Jesse

YouTube is a great place where people can express themselves and when a clip starts being seen by more and more different people it’s truly a wonderful thing. We have reported on many different videos that have gone viral and now there’s another one that left our jaws on the floor, it’s an … [Read more...]

New Epic Meal Time - The Ostrich Nest: YouTube Viral Video

Regular readers of OSM will know that we often report on different viral or potentially viral YouTube videos. For example we reported on each episode of the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series and have also talked about things like Epic Meal Time. Now there’s a new Epic Meal Time called “The Ostrich … [Read more...]

Soldiers Do Glee in Afghanistan: YouTube Video Hit

Here at OSM we love to bring you all the latest most popular videos from YouTube and just a few of our most recent examples include the latest Epic Meal Time, a footballing takedown by Cristiano Ronaldo and the latest Rebecca Black viral video. Today we have news of an entertaining and also … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time: Pigs n’ Poultry Is Pretty Funny

When it comes to the latest and best viral videos at OSM we strive to bring you the most entertaining ones we possibly can. We also look at different types of web series which included Mortal Kombat: Legacy where we have added an article talking about each of the episodes and the characters we saw. … [Read more...]

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Roundup of All 9 Episodes & Characters

For all of us who have been closely following the Mortal Kombat Legacy series on YouTube we finally got our reward after a long wait. The final episode was added involving Sektor and Cyrax was added yesterday after it was shown at the big event Comic Con. Now we have all the episodes we thought that … [Read more...]

Twitter Explosion: Mario Balotelli Subbed For Showboating

At OSM we love to see the things that Footballers do that appear in the news and make Twitter go nuts. In recent times we have seen Twitter erupting for different reasons and today the name that is trending is Mario Balotelli after he was subbed for showboating against L.A. Galaxy … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time - Russian Meal Time Featuring FPS Russia

We all at OSM enjoy watching the latest YouTube viral videos and love the ones that shock us, make us say “OUCH” and the others that make us laugh. Some of the videos that always make us laugh are the Epic Meal Time clips, now they have a new one titled “Russian Meal Time” featuring FPS … [Read more...]

Cosmic Panda: New Look YouTube Being Tested

In the big bad world of social media, things get extremely competitive and you have got to be your best in order to be at the top. If you do not upgrade and introduce the newest features, you will get left behind, just look at MySpace. The dominating sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn … [Read more...]

Dove and Cat Nap YouTube Viral Video: Sleeping Puss Disturbed

Here at OSM we like to bring our readers all the serious tech and social media news but alongside this we also enjoy the lighter side of life and some of our favorite stories involve YouTube viral videos. We have one of those posts for you today, a wonderful video of a very persistent and plucky … [Read more...]

Simple Facebook Skype Video Calling: Instructions

You may remember that we brought you news last week about an expected announcement from Facebook regarding Skype-powered video chat within the site. We now have news that as we expected this facility has now been launched and there will be an awful lot of very happy people now able to make video … [Read more...]

Facebook and Skype New Video Chat Platform: Event Will Tell All

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding an announcement due to be made by Facebook this week, with its CEO Mark Zuckerberg teasing the Seattle press about an “awesome” new product. An event is being held on Wednesday (July 6) for the big reveal but word is that Facebook is introducing a new … [Read more...]

War Horse YouTube Video Trailer: Prompts Twitter Response

Here at OSM we often bring you news of game or movie trailers, such as the new “Angry Birds Summer Pignic” trailer, a “Muppets” full trailer 2011 which has gone viral on YouTube and of course the much-awaited trailer for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.” Today we have news … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 Video Reveal…But Not What You’re Waiting For!

We’ve been bringing you news and speculation about the Apple iPhone 5 since the iPhone 4 release it seems and just in the last day we’ve posted articles about how two models could be released in September and also about different pricing levels for the next iPhone. Today’s news is a little … [Read more...]

Barking Cat YouTube Video Goes Viral

Everybody loves viral videos! They are a great distraction from your normal everyday working life, and they bring joy into people’s lives. Remember the spinning motorbike race crash video, or the breakdancing gorilla video? Click through to watch them if you haven’t already. … [Read more...]

Spinning Motorbikes Race Crash YouTube Video Goes Viral

Here at OSM we regularly bring you news about viral videos, with recent examples being Epic Rap Battles of History 10, a breakdancing gorilla and the Allan McNish crash video from the 24 Hour Le Mans. This time we have another YouTube viral video for you, this time of a motorbike crash, which left … [Read more...]

Epic Rap Battles of History 10: Ben Franklin vs Billy Mays

YouTube has become a place where people can express themselves in many ways; it can be a prank on a friend, a prank on a number of friends or even a soldier dancing like Carlton. There’s even space for NicePeter to carry on making his sketches like the Epic Rap Battles of History 10 which sees Ben … [Read more...]

T90 Shot Taken By Photron Camera At 18000fps: Slow Mo YouTube Clip

A big subject for us at the moment is viral YouTube clips that trend on YouTube and get a whole load of views in a short period of time. The latest one that we are reporting on today is a T90 shot taken by the Photron camera at 18000fps, not only that but this clip is in slo mo! … [Read more...]

Dummy Prank At The GJJ School Becomes A YouTube Hit


The Gracie brothers pride themselves on their fighting abilities, so much so that they have setup their own fighting school for people to learn their ways. Now we are learning how these guys have fun in the Dummy Prank at the GJJ school which has become a YouTube hit … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga Edge of Glory Video Premiered: Instant Smash

One of the celebrities who make the most use of social media resources for keeping in touch with fans and marketing new products is Lady Gaga. We recently told how the cover for ‘The Edge of Glory’ was revealed on Twitter and we can now tell you that the video for ‘The Edge of Glory’ has … [Read more...]