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COD MW3 Joins Facebook: Get News & Game Updates

[ 4 ] May 16, 2022

For the masses of you out there checking for Modern Warfare 3 updates and news each day then you may be pleased to hear that they have joined Facebook. If you “like” the page then you will regularly get the latest details and teasers through the news feed.

Video Game Pull Out Costs Beyonce $100 Million Court Case

[ 0 ] April 28, 2022

Just as Mark Zuckerberg and his army of lawyers are walking out of the court room, it looks like pop diva Beyonce is walking in. The American beauty is reportedly being sued for $100 million after she quit a video game project.

Gaikai Game Streaming Service: Now Live With Mass Effect 2 Demo

[ 1 ] February 28, 2022

Online streaming sites are nothing new and have been around for a while, we already have companies like OnLive that offer an online gaming experience to us. Though the concept might be a bit old we can’t help but get excited about a new service from Gaikai,

Xbox 360 Kinect: Sitting / Lying Down Problems Eradicated

Xbox 360 Kinect: Sitting / Lying Down Problems Eradicated

[ 0 ] October 18, 2021

Just under two weeks ago the manual for the Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360 was leaked, which revealed potential distance problems. Since then there has been the worry that the motion sensor would not be able to track those sitting or lying down, thankfully this issue has now been eradicated.

iPad Not for Linux Users: Survey results

iPad Not for Linux Users: Survey results

[ 0 ] July 29, 2021

According to a recent survey of 20,000 users carried out by MyType, results found that iPad users tend to put themselves into a different category compared to Linux Users. Linux was set up to provide a service on a mobile device, a tablet computer or a video games console. It was found that Linux is…