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"Verizon iPhone 4" News

Apple Explores New iPhone 5 Dock Connector Options Plus More?

[ 1 ] February 28, 2022

With the iPhone 5 announcement bearing down on us more speculation has come to light. This time with a picture of the internal compo-entry associated with its dock connector.

iPhone 5 Larger Screen Snap Shots Seen: Could This Be It?

[ 0 ] February 27, 2022

Apple’s iPhone 5 has been the hot topic over the last few weeks, with rumors surrounding its possible release and more recently concerns for its antenna capabilities. With Apple seeming under scrutiny over the signal faults plaguing its iPhone 4, including Verizon’s supposed redesigned model, Apple really needs the 5th gen to amaze the crowds.

iPhone 4 Verizon Loss Of Signal: iPhone 5 Concerns Raised

[ 0 ] February 26, 2022

When Apple first released its iPhone 4, it impressed the world and delivered everything that iPhone customers love about Apple. However a dark cloud was to fall over the wondrous device in the form of antenna issues affecting its signal performance.

Apple iPhone 4: Mobile Device Of The Year At MWC 2011

[ 0 ] February 17, 2022

When it comes to Apple and their devices, none have done better than the iPhone 4. This device has been unbelievably popular and now it has hit the best network in the US; Verizon. In 2010 this device has set the benchmark of what smartphones should aspire to be like

Verizon iPhone 5: New Innovations And Upgrade Dilemma

Verizon iPhone 5: New Innovations And Upgrade Dilemma

[ 0 ] February 10, 2022

The highly sought after Verizon iPhone 4 went on official sale today at many stores across America. For some customers on the 3rd of this month, they were lucky to pre-order theirs before what was reported to be an onslaught of customer queues. Although pre-orders on the first day were massive, in fact the handset [...]

AT&T Motorola Xoom Release 2011: Verizon iPhone 4 Payback?

[ 0 ] February 9, 2022

The war of the tablets shows no sign of slowing up, and with many contenders on the current market as well as forthcoming devices, does the Motorola Xoom really stand any chance? What we can say is that news of the tablet has been positive, and its unique selling point is not just the specification [...]

Toughen Up Your Verizon iPhone 4: Ballistic Offer Hard Core Case

Toughen Up Your Verizon iPhone 4: Ballistic Offer Hard Core Case

[ 0 ] February 9, 2022

Months of speculation and rumor are about to end tomorrow when the official launch of the Verizon iPhone 4 reaches our grasp. We have given you specifications and price plans, pre-order details, shipping information, Greenpois0n jailbreak, apps, comparisons to other carriers such as AT&T, strip-down of the device, accessories in the form of cases and [...]

Sony Xperia Play vs iPhone 4 At Verizon: Official Details On Way

[ 0 ] February 9, 2022

Despite the fact that we are still in the month of February, two of the biggest devices that will no doubt come out of this year, the iPhone 4 and Sony Xperia Play, will be joining forces with the big red Verizon. Well, certainly as we are aware by now, the iPhone 4 is, in [...]

Verizon iPhone 4 TeleNav Free App: GPS Made Easy

Verizon iPhone 4 TeleNav Free App: GPS Made Easy

[ 0 ] February 8, 2022

Just a few weeks ago the big red “Verizon,” ended all speculation by announcing its forthcoming iPhone 4 on 10th February. Although the device could be pre-ordered on the 3 February, it will be just a matter of days now until we see the highly anticipated handset. Here at OSM we have managed to bring [...]

Verizon iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2.6) GreenPois0n Jailbreak Tool

Verizon iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2.6) GreenPois0n Jailbreak Tool

[ 1 ] February 8, 2022

Verizon’s iPhone 4 has been big news in the tech media forum, and its introduction can only boost the already huge sales of Apple’s 4th gen device.

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