Michelle Obama on Twitter

Michelle Obama on Twitter

Most of our favorite celebrities are already on Twitter, and for some of you the thought of you missing out on their tweets would be considered a disasters. However, there are those that have still not signed up to the micro-blogging service – yes there really are. We can now tell you that Michelle … [Read more...]

Amazon GovCloud for US Government: Cloud Services Launched


Although Microsoft and Google both offer cloud services that fit with federal requirements, that hasn’t stopped Amazon climbing on board and yesterday the company announced GovCloud, cloud storage services for the U.S. government. The services will be used by US government users and contractors and … [Read more...]

President Obama Checks In to Foursquare: Track Campaigning


Here at OSM we are increasingly noticing the influence of social media on politics and only yesterday posted an article on US politics and its 5-year history with YouTube. President Barack Obama is no stranger to social media and back in June we told how he had now joined Twitter and before that he … [Read more...]