RadioShack “Fresh Phone February” Buy Yours At A Discounted Price


Are you looking for a new mobile phone, but are still getting over that Christmas spending? In a bid to entice customers to buy a new handset but without spending the earth on one, American retailer “RadioShack,” have come up with the perfect solution named, “Fresh Phone February.” … [Read more...]

US Cellular Selling Galaxy Tab At $200


On the 16 December we brought you news about network T-Mobile, and their announcement to discount the Samsung Galaxy Tablet price. In fact they reduced it right down to $350 on a two-year contract along with the Samsung Vibrant smartphone retailing now at $149.99. Today US Cellular have announced … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Announced On US Cellular Carrier


With recent news on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tablet being released by Verizon and Sprint in November, it's no surprise to hear today of yet a fifth carrier to be running the tablet. Today's news indicates that this will be CDMA operator “US Cellular” who own and operate the sixth largest … [Read more...]