Uncharted 3: The review release process

We’ve heard from a few gamers and their confusion over the Uncharted 3 review process, and when these should release for the PS3 exclusive. In a nutshell, reviews are normally not allowed to be released until a certain date (under embargo), although over the last few weeks we’ve seen a few … [Read more...]

Outstanding: Uncharted 3 review

The Uncharted 3 review that hit the web today thanks to OPM Spain is certainly not the first to hit the Internet, and while Naughty Dog may not like the way these reviews are landing, they’ll love the high review scores (9.8/10 for the latest).We’ve seen details about the game leak almost … [Read more...]

Uncharted 3 DLC not coming to single player

We had a little hands-on time with Uncharted 3 when we visited EuroGamer in London a couple of weeks ago, and it was easy to see that this game was one of the best at the show, in terms of graphics.If you’re hoping to get Uncharted 3 DLC in the single player game, then you may be a little … [Read more...]