Change to new Twitter profile design dimensions

Change to new Twitter profile design dimensions

The new Twitter profile design has now changed for all, earlier this month Twitter changed its design but it was not available for everyone. When you visit your Twitter page now you will be prompted with the change and a little Twitter walkthrough of these changes. There is no denying the new … [Read more...]

Twitter Academy Webinar for growing followers

Twitter Academy webinar for growing followers

A new Twitter Academy Webinar is being held on Wednesday April 16th 2014 at 2:00 PM (GMT), titled “Learn how to grow your followers.” The Webinar only runs for 30 minutes and covers a few things to help you extend your Twitter reach as well as building an engaged community. You will have to … [Read more...]

First tweet ever on twitter finder

First tweet ever on twitter finder

Ever wanted to know what your first ever tweet was, or someone else’s come to that? If the answer is yes then you will love ‘First Tweet’. OSM’s first ever tweet was back in 2010, which said “Twitter Tells Chile Earthquake Story” Richard Branson’s first tweet was, “It’s … [Read more...]

James Dean Twitter account, shut down conflict

James Dean Twitter account, shut down conflict

James Dean is without a doubt a legend that everyone loves, and his fan base is still large with social media followers. There is no official James Dean Twitter page and if he were alive he would have been 83 and would no doubt have one. @JamesDean Twitter account is being controlled by an … [Read more...]

Sacked head chef belittles Plough pub employer on Twitter

The Plough sacked head chef Twitter reactions

One week before Christmas you would love for your job to be safe, one unlucky employee got the sack but to his advantage he has total access to the pubs Twitter account, and this is where the feed ill feeling hit the fan. A head chef believed to be Jim Knight, 28 has total access to the … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Follow Recommendations List: It’s A Hidden Gem


Twitter has quickly become an extremely popular network rivaled mainly by Facebook who is currently the largest of all of them. Although they are social networks they are very different, Facebook I see more as being able to stay in touch with your actual friends and Twitter is great for connecting … [Read more...]

20 Neat Twitter Accounts: A daily dose of fun and education


Twitter, the popular micro-blogging service, grows ever more widely-used, from social networking to stay in touch with people, and media purpose to keep up-to-date with the latest news for example. It’s easy though to forget the fun elements of the site so why not get a daily dose of something fun … [Read more...]