New Facebook Rate This Translation pops up

New Facebook Rate This Translation pops up pic 1

Something new has popped up over on Facebook, and it looks like they are testing a new ‘Automatically Translated Rating’. So, Is the Facebook Rate This Translation new? Users have always seen the translation text under a post and then once clicked it will translate for them so they can … [Read more...]

Babylon Online Translation Community could be valuable


If you’ve ever tried to learn another language but have found it hard-going on your own then you might be very interested in a new online community being launched today from Babylon, a translation software company. … [Read more...]

Offensive ‘Foreign Language’ Removed From Facebook


Facebook is perhaps the biggest social network in the world; it has more than 500 million active users with around half of them performing activities on the popular site. According to Facebook’s statistics the average user has around 130 friends and apparently people spend 700 billion minutes per … [Read more...]