Gearing Up For iPhone 5: Three’s New Unlimited Data Deal


Its official... Apple has sent out their invites for the huge iPhone 5 event next week, now the whole mobile industry must prepare. T3 reports that the massive smartphone will be unveiled to the world at the show on the 4th October. Expect the iPhone 5 to become available for pre-order immediately … [Read more...]

White Samsung Galaxy S II Launches In UK: O2, Orange & Three


Talk about the Samsung Galaxy S II has been rife over the last few days. Earlier it was announced that it would finally launch in the US on September 16th with LTE, today it launches in the UK in white! The only change to the smartphone is the color, the hardware is the same and it will run on … [Read more...]

Three UK: HTC Sensation Released, Buy Now?


The world of the smartphone has been turned upside down and inside out with the addition of Android which has now overtaken Apple in terms of market share. This is probably due to the abundance of handsets from different manufacturers that we see sporting the Google Android OS. A device that’s done … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Now On Three With UK Tariff


Samsung's Galaxy S2 is now available to buy and just over a week ago, we gave you a roundup of retailers from the UK, Australia and even India. Unfortunately the US is still awaiting an official release date. News has come through of yet another store hoping to get your custom, that of retailer … [Read more...]

Three UK: HSPA+ USB Modem - Much Faster Speeds


For all of you in the UK who are using the USB dongles we have some exciting news for you, we at OSM understand the desire to have decent speeds when you are on the move especially if you do a lot of travelling or use a dongle for work … [Read more...]

Three UK iPad 2 Release: 15GB Data Best Deal By Far


So as we are all aware the iPad 2 has landed on British soil, and for those who haven’t been up till the early hours waiting to place an order with Apple's online store, there is the option to shop around for the best price plan. … [Read more...]

White iPhone 4: Orange & Three To Offer Imminent Release


For some of you the mere mention of the White iPhone 4 is now probably a thing of the past, and with so many smartphones including that of the iPhone 5 on their way, its no surprise that today's news may be taken with a pinch of salt as it were. With the white model being delayed since last year … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Released In UK


For those of you out there who are thinking of getting a tablet device but are trying to steer away from purchasing an Apple iPad, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab may well tick all the boxes. Great news has come through today of the device being available in the UK. … [Read more...]