Tesco F&F in-store Half Price sale on clothing

Tesco F&F in-store 50 off sale on clothing pic 1

Yesterday the beginning of the Tesco F&F; in-store 50% off sale on clothing begun, where men’s deals happened first, but for the next two days December 16 and 17 it’s the chance for you to shop until you drop in the kid’s and women’s section. Thanks to Event Next they have revealed Tesco is … [Read more...]

Dave Lewis provides Tesco results comeback

Dave Lewis provides Tesco results comeback

Tesco results are starting to come in and the decline in UK sales is being slowed down in the first quarter. Sales dropped to 1.3% in the 3 months to May 30 according to reports. It seems to be a hard slog battling to bring Tesco back from a sales decline, which has reached its fourth year. Chief … [Read more...]

Tesco online beauty consultation via Google Plus Hangouts

Dave Lewis provides Tesco results comeback

Tesco is using Google Plus to launch its one-to-one online beauty consultation service in the form of video conferencing. The way it all works is rather simple, consumers can get free confidential video consultations by booking them and then bloggers and industry experts will help them through … [Read more...]

Tesco recall on Apple & Blackcurrant Juice lights up Twitter

Tesco recall on Apple & Blackcurrant Juice lights up Twitter pic 3

Tesco’s Twitter has lit up since they made a recall on its 750 ml and 1.5Ltr ‘No added Sugar Double Strength Apple and Blackcurrant Squash’ drinks, affected batches include BBE Oct 2015 / L003 and L016 (All time codes). Reports first started to show up online after customers’ of the juice drink … [Read more...]

Asda, Tesco Black Friday Twitter jokes

Asda, Tesco Black Friday Twitter jokes

Black Friday November 28, 2014 was a day Asda and Tesco shoppers would like to forget, maybe they are looking forward to ‘Beige Sunday’. OK, Beige Sunday is not a real sale day but would be funny. The biggest shopping day of the year seems to run smoothly in the United States, but that is simply … [Read more...]

Tesco Direct down in Firefox and Safari

Tesco Direct down in Firefox and Safari

Thousands were sitting up last night waiting for Tesco Direct to update its website at 00:01 last night, eager to see all the Black Friday Tesco deals so that they didn’t have to visit a store. But this was squashed when the site had major down problems. Majority of Tesco Direct visitors are … [Read more...]

Asda, Tesco Black Friday store map locator

Asda, Tesco Black Friday store map locator pic 1

Tesco from 00:01 tonight will be opening the flood gates to release its Black Friday product sale, followed by Asda at 8am tomorrow November 28th. When it comes to social media Asda is more into connecting with its customers, under the hashtag #asdablackfriday you will see a few tweets. One tweet … [Read more...]

Tesco ATM robbery solved with Facebook

Tesco ATM robbery solved with Facebook

Facebook could be the next police department thanks to the social site coming into play to bag the Tesco ATM hammer robber. Tesco ATM robbery solved with Facebook thanks to the prosecutor using the social site to confirm the identity of the robber. There are many ways to rob an ATM and one robber … [Read more...]

One-Year iPhone 4S Contract: Where?


Apple’s new iPhone 4S was made officially available to buy on Friday 14th October, well at least in some countries with others following 28th October, by the end of 2011 some 70 countries will be able to benefit from the new handset. … [Read more...]

Facebook “Likes” Tesco: Social Media’s Importance Realised


For many individuals and companies alike, social media plays a vital role in advertising and marketing products. In recent weeks, we have brought you news about how it can be used and some of the many people benefiting from it such as the police force, banks, catering, brand names such as L'Oreal … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS: Price Reduced For UK Pre-orders


The Nintendo 3DS is a very highly anticipated device and in the war for your pre-order, UK retailers are slashing the price. This is pretty bold move but when you consider that the UK markup is by a third, these big companies can afford to reduce the price … [Read more...]

Facebook Gift Card On Sale In UK Retail Stores


Back in September, Matt at OSM spoke about Facebook Credits being available in US stores such as Target, Best Buy and Walmart. The new gift card currency allows the customer to purchase virtual objects from Facebook such as games, gifts and goods within your apps. Today news has come through that … [Read more...]