Mark Zuckerberg at MWC 2015 easing spiteful debates

Mark Zuckerberg at MWC 2015 easing spiteful debates pic 3

When you visit Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account his last post on MWC 2015 is winning the hearts of the public, but the founder even though on hostile grounds did his best at easing spiteful debates. He spoke to executives at the Barcelona event to try and win the hearts and help of those there to … [Read more...]

Smart cities and WiFi in digital evolution

Smart cities and WiFi in digital evolution

Cities worldwide are harnessing the power of telecommunications and fast-paced technological developments to get themselves connected and working smarter and more efficiently in terms of use of resources, improved service delivery and quality of life, while supporting the low carbon economy. By … [Read more...]

AT&T and T-Mobile Deal: Sprint Opposes - War of Words


We recently brought readers the news about an AT&T; and T-Mobile deal that would make AT&T; the biggest wireless carrier. We then wondered how this would impact on Sprint especially if they become the only carrier not to carry the Apple iPhone 5. Now we hear that unsurprisingly, Sprint is opposing … [Read more...]

AT&T to Buy T-Mobile $39 Billion: More Coverage Less Competition


There’s major news today in the telecommunications market as it has just been announced that AT&T; is to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom, in a deal worth $39 billion. AT&T;’s 4G network would grow by 1.2 million square miles if the deal is approved and 46.5 million more people in the US would … [Read more...]