Teachers Tormented Online: Actions Of Parents & Children


In the past when we've spoken about the topic of cyber bullying, the news tends to emphasize on the younger generation, but news today has stated that a dramatic rise has been seen amongst teachers being targeted particularly from parents. … [Read more...]

Teacher Loses Tenure Due To Inappropriate Facebook Posts


As great as Facebook is it seems that teachers would be better off to stay clear from using all of the services that the social networking site has to offer, we have brought you an abundance of stories in the past about these individuals badmouthing their students and even mocking their hairstyles. … [Read more...]

Facebook & Teachers: Dangers of Social Networking Cautioned


We’ve written several times recently about the implications of social media on the educational world, from students being advised about posts on Facebook to a story from Ontario where teachers were advised to have no contact with students on Facebook and then most recently about social media vs. … [Read more...]

Facebook Teachers vs Students: No Contact Advised


Online social networking site Facebook is proving quite the contender in terms of subscribers. Rivals against Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, Mark Zuckerberg's site now sees a whooping 600 million active users. For many, the site offers a way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, get invited … [Read more...]

Student Suspended For Poking Fun At Podgy Professor On Facebook


Apologies for our alliterative title but we couldn’t resist. There has been a case of a student doing a spot of name calling on the largest social networking site in the world, Facebook. Surely you would think that nasty comments might just get back to the person and let’s be honest it’s a bit … [Read more...]

Social media classroom tools: 7 of the best


The use of social networking and social media in educational establishments can be a really positive asset, such as the new Universities on Facebook page, although sometimes some hurdles for teachers have to be overcome, for instance where the line should be drawn about communicating with their … [Read more...]