StumbleUpon Rack Up A Massive 1 Billion Hits Per Month

StumbleUpon which initially launched in 2001 is now celebrating a huge milestone with some 1 billion stumbles being reported per month, that’s an increase of 200 million from the month of March. Pretty impressive you will have to agree. For anyone who may not be familiar with what the service … [Read more...]

Whats Trending? Twitter’s Top 10 Of The Week

Welcome to this week's roundup of the top 10 trends on Twitter. This week is all about celebrity, with a healthy dose of sport thrown in there to mix things up abit. The chart of trends is kindly being provided by Mashable. … [Read more...]

Super Bowl XLV Twitter: Sets All Time Tweets Per Second Record


One of the biggest sporting events took place last Sunday in North Texas, America, yep you've got it, Super Bowl XLV, between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. Some 111 million viewers tuned into the game, a rise from last year's figure of 106.5 million. Along with plenty of … [Read more...]

StumbleUpon vs Super Bowl: Mobile Stumble Usage Hits All Time High

This year's Super Bowl XLV in North Texas, saw the Green Bay Packers winning against rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. As well as plenty of advertisements to impress fans, and the opportunity to win a $20 discount for NFL merchandise, for StumbleUpon it was a time when they saw a huge increase in … [Read more...]

YouTube Super Bowl Adverts: VW “The Force” & “Black Beetle” Hit The Spot

One of the most important sporting events on the yearly calendar in America, took place on the Sunday just gone in North Texas, yes that's right, the Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers beating off competition against rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. We gave you news that potentially would give … [Read more...]

Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl Performance: Slated Via Social Media

One of the biggest events on the American calendar commenced on the 6 February, yes that's right, the Super Bowl XLV taking place in North Texas. The 2 teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers took on the might of one another with the packers winning, but alongside this, it was a chance … [Read more...]

Foursquare Check-Ins: Surpasses 200,000 on Super Bowl Sunday

Foursquare is fast becoming a popular social network, it has recently teamed up with colleges and universities, we have spoken to you about its growth seeing it meet 6 million users and we have also asked you if you are taking advantage of its deals … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Commercials 2011: YouTube Video Roundup


Today will see Super Bowl XLV between the Steelers and the Packers and it’s certainly one of the biggest events of the year. This year is no exception and we’ve already posted many articles, our most recent being about Super Bowl commercials and which brands have received the most pre-buzz on … [Read more...]

Super Bowl 2011 Ads: Top brands pre-buzz on Twitter


Most of you will no doubt know that today sees the Super Bowl XLV, a major highlight of the sporting calendar. We’ve already brought you many posts on this including our latest posts on a Google Earth 3D tour of the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas where the game of the Steelers vs. Packers will … [Read more...]

Super Bowl 2011 and Google Earth: Tour stadium in 3D

We’ve been bringing you news about the Super Bowl 2011 in relation to social media, with recent posts about Super Bowl ads, a Foursquare collaboration with Super Bowl XLV and also our most recent posts about how fans can connect with the Super Bowl this weekend on Twitter. … [Read more...]