Facebook UK down not linked to new live video streaming

Facebook down not linked to new live video streaming pic 1

Many UK users are having issues with Facebook not working this evening where majority are complaining of the same problem. It seems to be with the Newsfeed not showing posts from the last few days – Is Facebook down for you? Facebook not working tonight has caused somewhat of a stir and users … [Read more...]

Steve-O arrested after Facebook Live Stream stunt

Steve-O arrested after Facebook Live Stream stunt pic 1

Social media and Jackass stunt sensation Steve-O arrested after Facebook Live Stream crane stunt. He decided on climbing a crane without safety equipment in Hollywood in protest against Seaworld. His 9.1 million Facebook followers saw the Steve-O Seaworld crane stunt when he broadcasted three … [Read more...]

Cartoon HD Twitter accounts too confusing

Cartoon HD Twitter accounts too confusing pic 1

When it comes to Cartoon HD so many people are getting confused, there are fake accounts popping up including confusing ones on Twitter. It all started when the Cartoon HD app went live on mobile devices, where users could stream movies for free. But this was soon catching on and was deleted from … [Read more...]

Redbox Instant shutdown, refunds discussed

Redbox Instant shutdown, refunds discussed

Redbox Instant by Verizon known for streaming movies will shut down on October 7th with information on refunds being emailed to those who are applicable, they will also be posted on the website from October 10. Please do remember Redbox Instant refunds have been discussed, information will be … [Read more...]

New Cartoon HD Twitter not original Gappcenter

New Cartoon HD Twitter not original Gappcenter

So many movie streaming websites out there walk a very thin line, and with GappCenter closing its Twitter doors a few days ago with 5,000 followers, it seems to have popped back online – Here is the kicker, the new Cartoon HD Twitter account is not the original Gappcenter. When you visit the … [Read more...]

PlayStation playing CounterSpy live

PlayStation playing CounterSpy live

PlayStation has taken to its Twitter account @PlayStation to let its 4.58 million followers know that they are playing CounterSpy live. PlayStation right now is playing CounterSpy via live stream at twitch.tv/playstation with their friends @Dynamighty. We here at OSM would not have known … [Read more...]

Netflix price increase creates backlash, stock drops


Yesterday we gave you good news that streaming service Netflix would be opening their doors to the UK and Ireland in early 2012, but unfortunately with the good, comes the bad news. Despite Netflix opting to give its customers a low subscription cost once launched, it hasn’t stopped the company in … [Read more...]

Netflix: UK streaming officially on way


Initially founded in 1997, Netflix the on-demand streaming media service will now be branching out to the UK and Ireland early part of next year. Already offering a multitude of DVD film titles, Netflix is already available in countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. … [Read more...]

Facebook Expands Content: BBC’s Top Gear & Miramax Movies


Facebook has expanded its media library by adding the BBC's hit show, Top Gear to their selection of TV show offerings. The popular car show joins another BBC classic, Doctor Who as watchable programs on the massively popular social networking site. The fun does not stop there, Mark Zuckerberg and … [Read more...]

WWDC 2011 Official Apple Keynote Steaming Video: Available Now


We’ve been following all the developments today from Apple’s WWDC 2011 event and have already brought you a ton of news from Steve Jobs’ keynote speech. Apple did not give a live stream of the event this year but for all you enthusiasts out there we can tell you that an official Apple keynote … [Read more...]

Royal Wedding Online Info: Live Streaming, Twitter, Facebook & More


This Friday, April 29 is the day for the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. If you can’t be in front of your TV for the big occasion, or even if you will be but want to access alternatives for keeping informed with everything that’s going on, then you’ll be needing information … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Benefits From Boxee Box Firmware Update: Streaming Made Easy


Media streamer Boxee Box powered by D-Link will now be receiving a firmware update 1.1 in May, which will benefit those of you who have or are thinking of getting an iPad 2. The service which currently streams content from internet sites such as BBC iPlayer and YouTube is up against stiff … [Read more...]

Amazon Cloud-Player Rival Apple iTunes: Music Streaming Made Easy


With Apple up until now, really taking the number one spot for content streaming with their iTunes service, it has been announced that Amazon are now too joining the competition. Bring on Amazon's new Cloud Drive with their streaming service Cloud Player, for web and Android experience, with the … [Read more...]

Twitter Complaints Rise Over Temporary Loss Of Netflix


Social networking site Twitter is growing in popularity and although it is still behind Facebook in terms of user numbers, it is still offering a place for the everyday person as well as the celebrity figure to either tweet messages, have a good old rant, announce events and celebrations and so on. … [Read more...]

Panasonic TVs Get BBC iPlayer Through Viera Connect


For all you BBC iPlayer lovers out there who have a Panasonic TV, rejoice! The on demand service will be available through Viera Connect, so if your TV has it then you are in luck. … [Read more...]

Archos Arnova Touchscreen Clock Radio: 12,000 Stations Plus More


The majority of us savor every moment of being wrapped up in our comfortable beds, just before being rudely reminded to get up by some irritating announcement from your bedside alarm clock. Now for most of us the alarm clock is a plain and functional item, sometimes injected with the presence of a … [Read more...]

Want More Video Time? YouTube Lifting 15 Minute Restriction


For all of you out there who are regular visitors to YouTube, then this may be a Christmas gift come early. The site has now announced that they are removing the 15 minute video time cap for those users who have always complied with community guidelines. … [Read more...]

YouTube seek movie expansion with Miramax deal


Google's video sharing site YouTube is looking to expand its movie streaming and so is in talks with the soon to be new owners of movie company Miramax. YouTube is looking for the streaming rights to their large catalogue of films. … [Read more...]

Boxee Box Enjoy New Firmware Update


Media streamer Boxee Box has received excellent reviews since it's release, but has had it's fair share of minor glitches. Luckily the team at Boxee are on top of their game and announced a major firmware update to address these issues. … [Read more...]

YouTube recieves 35 hours of video uploads each minute


We know that whenever we all get a random urge to watch pretty much anything we head over to YouTube to watch it. They have anything and everything over there but how much new video do they take in each day? … [Read more...]

Viewing web video may now be easier with YouTube Topics


On Wednesday evening, YouTube are going to test out their new search feature which they have named "YouTube Topics". … [Read more...]

Twisplays: News tickers from Twitter streams


For those of you who like to hear about new and inventive ideas we have an interesting one to tell you about today. A startup called Twisplays has come up with a clever idea that will enable companies to easily display Twitter streams in the form of a news ticker with an LED sign. … [Read more...]