Steam Store down error July 27

Steam Store down error July 27 pic 1

The Steam Store is down today on July 27, and complaints are already coming in after seeing an online error message when trying to access the site. With the Steam Store down today where the website is not loading people are wondering what is going on. There is no scheduled maintenance planned so … [Read more...]

H1Z1 Game Error G29, G99 parody video

H1Z1 Game Error G29, G99 parody video pic 1

After H1Z1 hit Steam Early Access, social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter lit up with complaints from angry gamers after servers went down. Gamers took to the social networks to vent their anger with the servers being down, when ‘H1Z1 Game Error G29, G99’ started to appear. For … [Read more...]

Is Steam down for you?

Steam Store down error July 27 pic 1

According to Steamstat 5,194,158 people are on Steam, yet many are having problems with the service being down globally. If you are a user of Steam, you may be having issues with the service being down, or even having login problems. Just looked over on Down Detector and the Facebook … [Read more...]

Steam Guard Security Upgrade Now In Beta

Steam Login

If you are a PC gamer, chances are you have used Valve’s Steam service. Steam is a PC video game service which allows users to buy games, and then download them from the internet and play it on their computers with ease. These games are then tied to the users Steam account, and they can be … [Read more...]