Facebook carrot status game is new craze

Facebook carrot status game is new craze

Many crazy Facebook games have been released over the years, and recently the Facebook carrot status game is the new craze. There was one Facebook status game back in January where users had to leave a funny status message, which got friends wondering. But now there is a new crazy game, which is … [Read more...]

Inspirational Facebook status about life and dreams

Inspirational Facebook status about life and dreams

Over on the News/Talk WOKV Facebook page there is an inspirational Facebook status about life and dreams, which will tug at your emotions. News/Talk WOKV Facebook page provides information about severe weather, accurate traffic, top stories and breaking news and Jacksonville depends on this … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday Facebook, Google Plus status trend

Throwback Thursday Facebook, Google Plus status trend

Throwback Thursday is the top status trend at the moment on Facebook and Google plus, and many social media users will probably be seeing these hashtags -#‎tbt and #‎throwbackthursday – So what is it all about then? The name Throwback Thursday is all based around a social media day (In this case … [Read more...]

Facebook relationship status predictions

Facebook relationship status predictions

Facebook relationship status predictions, that sounds scary in itself and we should be a little worried right! There is new research suggesting that Facebook in a nutshell knows when you are going to break up, the new research carried out by Facebook and Cornell University suggests it knows who … [Read more...]

Facebook Lets You Relive Memories With 2010′s Status Update


One of the main functions that some people use Facebook for is being able to look back on the old. Connecting with old school friends and looking through pictures from the past are things that some people use the site for and now another feature has been added to rekindle the memories. Facebook … [Read more...]

Facebook Trialing Live “Happening Now” Feature


Facebook are testing out a nifty new feature called "happening now". It involves showing you what your friends are doing at that exact time, via a sidebar on the news feed. … [Read more...]

Facebook Status Updates: What Not To Share

When it comes to Facebook there are a number of guidelines that should be followed to ensure firstly that you are safe on the site and secondly that you aren’t spamming the heck out of your friends. To keep safe you should update your privacy settings so that you are happy with them or if you are a … [Read more...]

Facebook Status Updates For A Happy Ending

Whilst there have been many uses for Facebook and quite a few updates that they have undergone in recent times such as the post button being removed from the commenting in favor of a simple tap on the enter key and Facebook launching its new local deals. These are just a few of many that have … [Read more...]

Comical Facebook Status Updates: Back For Easter

Whilst many of you have been tucking into your chocolate Easter eggs freshly delivered from the Easter Bunny others have been putting their wit into social networking and more specifically into Facebook. It would seem that whenever there’s an event or a special day, funny people go ahead and express … [Read more...]

Facebook Re-Testing Memorable Status Updates

The ever expanding ever evolving Facebook have been inputting a few changes in recent times. Some of the ones that we have reported on include the new Enter key functionality, the new Facebook deals are now appearing in the news feed and also you can see which of your friends are playing what games … [Read more...]

11.5-Foot Alligator Killed: Man Boasts On Facebook Status

Facebook has become a great place for advertisers along with sports and brands. We are also seeing companies such as Warner Brothers and Sony moving towards some kind of movie rental scheme using Facebook as the platform … [Read more...]

Facebook Status Saves Man’s Life


This story totally blows the term "social good" out of proportion, as a man potentially had his life saved by Facebook. … [Read more...]