HTC Zeta rumored specs, Galaxy Nexus sales suffer?


Today information has filtered through informing us that manufacturer HTC may be bringing out yet another smartphone but in 2012. This year the company have brought out other phones including the Sensation, the EVO 3D and most recently an announcement relating to the new Rezound which we’ve … [Read more...]

New HP Folio 13 specs, undercuts MacBook Air


With the run up to Christmas in full swing now, manufacturers are doing their uttermost to bring out their new devices in time and the choice of what to choose is getting harder. This year has seen many impressive smartphones and tablets come to market and we have to say some new laptops and it’s … [Read more...]

Additional Motorola Droid RAZR details


Motorola’s new Droid Razr has been causing quite a stir for some time now, and its no surprise with a packed list of impressive specifications. Slightly delayed with its initial release, the new Razr is now destined to arrive on 11.11.11, yes that’s right a day of tribute as we recognise … [Read more...]

New Nokia Lumia 800 with new free additions


Just announced at the recent Nokia World conference in London, the Finnish company Nokia have introduced a new handset into the mix, that of the new Lumia 800 and it impresses on first appearances. … [Read more...]

Canon EOS-1DX followup: specs, price & release


Looking for a new camera, then Canon may have the answer with their new EOS-1DX DSLR, that’s just been announced from the company. Following on from its predecessor the ID Mark IV, the new device falls into line as Canon’s 10th generation of professional cameras, the specs are looking pretty … [Read more...]

Impressive Samsung Galaxy S III Outdoes Predecessor


Since its debut back in April of this year, Samsung's Galaxy S II has been a smartphone that has taken some beating from its rivals. With massive popularity, yearly target of 10 million units already being smashed and news of yet more handsets on the way, it seems that this year may be Samsung's … [Read more...]

Uncovered New Toshiba’s 7-Inch Tablet Thrives


When the iPad 2 came along in March of this year, many believed that other devices wouldn't get a look in and that the Apple tablet would carry on holding first position. With such a vast collection of other slates to choose from and some not doing quite as well as first expected such as RIM's … [Read more...]

New Nikon 1 Micro Camera Family: Specs, Prices & Release


Are you in the market for a new camera and are confused which way to turn? Whether you're a professional or amateur, Nikon have introduced a new range of family by the name of Nikon J1 and Nikon V1 with interchangeable lenses. Before we give you a basic synopsis of what each one consists of, there … [Read more...]

Purple HTC Rhyme (Bliss) Specs, Price & Pre-Order


If you're in the market for a new mobile phone but are confused as to the amount of devices on offer, then this next piece of news may either help or hinder in your decision. We say this because we may be about to make your dilemma even harder. Manufacturer HTC are about to bring out a new handset … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Release: Its Appearance Prompts Little Change?


As many of you are no doubt setting your sights on the new Apple iPhone 5, we wonder whether there will be some disappointments. With a barrage of rumors to sift through, its difficult to know what will make it to the new handset in terms of specs and differences in appearance and what will just be … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S III Specs Leaked Early: Coming 2012


All of the big smartphone talk of late has been about the iPhone 5... no more! Thanks to what appears to be a notorious leak, we now have fresh speculation to thrive on. The leaked information in question is that of the Samsung Galaxy S III and once again it is reportedly a company employee who … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Will Lag Behind: In Demand iPhone 4S?


News of Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5 just keeps on rolling in and if recent news is anything to go by, then the new handset could be launched in October or is it? Release months let alone specific dates have been a job to pinpoint with massive disappointment following on from Apple's WWDC event … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 “Weeks Away”- Larger Screen, 8MP Camera, NFC & More


The iPhone 5 is "just weeks away" according to sources inside Apple, are you still waiting patiently? It was been widely concluded that an October launch is on the cards, a boss from UK network Orange leaking the release date on the 15th. The phones features still remain a mystery with many … [Read more...]

HTC Sensation XE Brings Massive Specs Inc. 1.5GHz


Why are we not surprised to hear of yet another smartphone on the way from manufacturer HTC. In the last few weeks, the company have been pushing out announcements for new devices left, right and centre, actually similar to rivals Samsung. Both companies have some pretty impressive handsets set up … [Read more...]

HTC Titan Equivalent: New Runnymede Unveiled


On the 20th September, HTC are holding an event in New York City which is hoped to bring some more news surrounding the freshly announced “Runnymede” smartphone. Yes we'll not sure about the name but hey, once you've seen the specs then the name may fade into the background. So what do we know … [Read more...]

Take “Note” With New Samsung Galaxy: Specs & Hefty Price


It seems there was a time when the only name we heard within the phone and tablet world was Steve Jobs company Apple, how the tables have turned! Ok, so there's no getting away from the fact that Apple's iPad first and second generation devices have and are, outshining all competitors and we still … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II vs Rumored Droid HD: Exhibit Similarities


As the smartphone market continually sees a rise in devices, the decision of what to purchase is getting harder and harder. A fair few handsets are making their way to retailers in the coming months which include speedy dual-core processors, cameras with bigger megapixels, possible inclusion of 3D … [Read more...]

HP Pre 3 Flagship Phone: Specs, Price, Ready Now


If you're in the market for a new mobile phone but are unsure what to opt for, then a new addition is now available. Steering away from Samsung and Motorola who seem to be hogging the limelight with their Galaxy S II and Droid Bionic offerings, the latest news is of a HP Pre 3 phone which will be … [Read more...]

New TabCo “Grid10” Tablet: Specs, Price & Pre-Order


The current mobile phone and tablet market is filling to the brim and its a job to know what to opt for. No doubt many of you would have set a budget as to how much to spend and as fantastic as the specs are, the price will play a huge factor. Up until the start of this year, Apple's iPad device … [Read more...]

New HTC Ruby Specs Impress: Galaxy S II To Fear?


Since the beginning of this year, news regarding new tablets and smartphones has been a huge talking point. Up until now, we've had events such as the CES, Mobile World Congress, E3, WWDC and news following on from them has and is looking pretty exciting. Major players have of course been Apple, … [Read more...]

HTC Vigor & “Beats By Dr.Dre” Technology? Sound Quality Gained


Having to choose a new smartphone can be a difficult decision, unless you already have something in mind, the list of devices is endless and its forever expanding. Big names in the mobile phone world include Apple, Motorola, HTC, LG and of course Samsung. In the last few months, its been a job to … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy XCover: WaterProof All Terrain Spec


As mobile devices reach their pinnacle in technology they become more and more expensive and valuable. Smart phones at the moment can contain almost your whole life in one small package, there will be apps for your banking details, your shopping needs recognised by an eBay app and your entire life … [Read more...]

MacBook Air Similarities: Acer Aspire 3951 Proclaimed


Interest for Apple's MacBook Air device has by no means slowed down. Just recently the tech company announced a refresh including its 2011 models, specs and of course pricing with consumers being able to get their hands on them straight away. But if we just put the Air to one side for a moment, … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II & Droid Bionic: Fending Off Rumored HTC Vigor


As we rack our brains with what smartphone to buy, the list of devices seems to be growing with no chance of slowing up. Since the start of 2011, the phones just keep on coming and its a job to know what to opt for. Big names such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Apple and LG amongst others have all … [Read more...]

Asus Eee Slider: 32GB September Plus 3G 2012


Once we've initially made that decision that we want to buy a new device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, TV, camera and so on, then comes the difficult scenario of choosing which brand along with its specs and of course price. We would like to say that its an easy decision but of course its not, the … [Read more...]