New Android Market Web Store Poses Threat From Malware


In the last few weeks we’ve reported on the Android Market vs. the Apple App Store and their growth rates and then recently we reported on news that came from a Google event including the new Android Market web store. … [Read more...]

Cyber Crime On Social Networks: Big Increase


If you are an avid user to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, chances are at one time, you have been sent one of many internet scams. According to a recent report from Sophos, the antivirus firm which deals with virus protection, security software and so on, has stated that cyber … [Read more...]

Latest Facebook Scam Compared to Previous

There’s a new Facebook scam on the loose that users should beware of. A warning has been issued by Sophos about the viral scam which pretends to be about a photograph of a baby boy taken by his mother and contains a link, which people think is to the photograph and actually takes them to an online … [Read more...]

Facebook is security risk to companies, says Sophos


As we have spoken about previously many firms are keen to reap the benefits which social networking websites can offer, however Sophos are suggesting that one particular social networking website is in fact a security risk. … [Read more...]