Sony PS Vita: Compatible Gaming with PSP and PS3

If any of you are like us then you are sitting waiting for the new Sony PS Vita to be released and are looking forward to everything that it brings. Already we have an idea of what it will be priced at from Sony’s event at E3 several months ago but now there’s new details that say the PS Vita … [Read more...]

Sony makes PS Vita next generation for PSP2

One of the best times of the year for gamers is upon us with E3 2011 which is already competing for you to watch it with Apple’s WWDC conference. We have been regularly reporting on different consoles and things that will be showcased including the new Nintendo device currently known as “Project … [Read more...]

Sony Remaster PSP Titles For PlayStation 3: Continuous Gaming

Sony is looking to keep users on side following their recent PSN outage and keep their reputation in tact by not only offering the welcome back package but also by intertwining the link between PlayStation 3 and the PSP even further. Whilst you were able to purchase PSP games on your PS3 and then … [Read more...]

Sony Music Unlimited Streams For Xperia Play, PSP & NGP

Sony over the last few years have been dipping their toes into the handheld console market with the likes of the Sony PSP and now they are moving forward with announcements about the NGP. The NGP is the next console in the PSP lineup aka the PSP2 and not only that but today is the release day for … [Read more...]

The Sony NGP: Drool Some More At A New Video

When it comes to the NGP we have covered it quite extensively, so far just a few reports have been about price being leaked and perhaps the most exciting one being about the fact that it has an ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core processor to smash out those amazing graphics … [Read more...]

Sony PSP Price Dropped: Stealing Some Of The 3DS Sales?

Savvy Sony has just dropped the price of the Sony PSP to cool $130. The device on offer is the PSP-3000 and for all of you gaming fans that don’t quite want to fork out for the 3DS but can’t wait for the NGP this could be a pretty good stop gap solution … [Read more...]

PSP Go Hack: Playing ISO’s Using Homebrew Prometheus

Whilst there’s the carnage of CES 2011 storming the web we have been hearing reports of the PlayStation phone being readied for an April release. Now we are hearing various reports of the PSP Go being hacked. This isn’t good news for Sony following the PS3 being hacked last week, you can read … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Gives Chilean Miners iPod Touches


If for some bizarre reason you did not hear of the 33 Chilean miners rescue last week, then we will fill you in. The miners had been trapped for some 69 days underground after their mine collapsed. Feared dead, a probe was sent down to detect whether there was any sign of life, and to the surprise … [Read more...]