Sony PSN Down: Back Up “ASAP”

We have just found out that Sony’s PlayStation Network has suffered a technical hitch once again. Efforts for those trying to log in have been met with a message of partial service availability. Worries for many after Sony’s previous problems saw hackers infiltrating the site, which led to … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Fully Returns Wednesday In Japan: At Last

When Sony's PlayStation Secure Network first went down on the 20th April due to hackers attacking the service and compromising users' personal information, here at OSM we were keen to bring you the latest. Although for a large majority the service is now fully resumed, think about those in Japan … [Read more...]

LulzSec Hackers Help NHS With Flagged Up Security Flaws

Security issues and data being compromised have been a huge topic of discussion following on from Sony's PSN outage towards the end of April. Hackers managed to access the gaming servers which consequently resulted in users' personal information being at risk. The network is now at last finally … [Read more...]

Nintendo Hack: No Consequences But Raises Questions?

As a large percentage of you will know or were affected, Sony's PlayStation Secure Network went down due to hackers accessing the servers and managing to get their hands on customers personal information. The service is still not completely resumed and last week we spoke about tech giants Microsoft … [Read more...]

Sony Welcome Back Program Now Live: Details Enclosed

Sony PlayStation 3 owners something you have all been waiting for since your beloved PSN was hacked and shut down was not only it coming back up but Sony’s “thanks for staying with us” package otherwise known as the “Welcome Back Package." … [Read more...]

Sony PSN FULLY Resumes Today: Are You Up & Running?

Finally some good news for PS3 gamers, Sony's PlayStation Store is finally going to be fully resumed today, well that's if Sony's announcement is anything to go by. Since April 20th when the service first went down, it caused a massive void between Sony and its gamers which is only now being … [Read more...]

Sony PSN YoYos Today Due To Maintenance: Back Up Tomorrow

When it comes to the Sony PSN it has been in shambles for the last 5-6 weeks and at the moment it’s going up and down in many locations. Sony has promised that the PlayStation Store and a few other features will be up by the end of the week so we are all wishing the week away to grab our free … [Read more...]

Sony Says PSN Store Back Up With Full Services Live This Week

We at OSM have been trying hard to keep you up to date with any details about the Sony PSN since it went down well over a month ago. Things started out when Sony’s server was compromised and they took the decision to simply turn them off to try and prevent any data being swiped but later confirmed … [Read more...]

Sony PSN, Lessons Learned From Microsoft Hacker

The majority of you will know that Sony's PlayStation Secure Network went down on April 20th and it wasn’t until 2 or so weeks later that the service finally started to resume. With many feeling disappointed and angry by the outage and the way in which Sony handled the entire situation, it has … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Hacking and Outage Again? No Guarantees

The recent hacking and subsequent outage of the Sony PlayStation Network service has been well-documented and even since the PSN has been back up-and-running we’ve given more news about the incident, including plans for the PSN to return to Asia, a new PSN status iPhone app and news about the free … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Returns To Asia This Weekend: At Last!

The PSN outage has been at the forefront of many gamers minds and it’s not over yet. For weeks now gamers haven’t been able to play all of their favorite games online which many of them enjoy doing. The outage was caused when someone accessed Sony’s network and Sony turned the servers off … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Status App for iPhone: Offline or Online

The recent hacking and subsequent outage of the Sony PlayStation network has been well-documented both during and following the incident. One of the most annoying things for many avid gamers during the outage was continuously checking to see if it was back online and now we hear news of a Sony PSN … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Free Identity Theft Protection: Are You Taking It?

From when Sony's PlayStation Secure Network first went down on the 20th April until recently when it finally started to resume, gamers were feeling let down, frustrated, angry to a point where PS3 consoles were being traded in for an Xbox 360. The main problem that users found hard to swallow, was … [Read more...]

E3 2011 What’s Likely: Sony’s NGP Focus, PSN Outage Factor?

With the E3 2011 gaming event to kick off on the 7th June ending on the 9th, its a job to report at this early stage what we can expect to see. Rumors have been rife with news of a new Wii 2 console from Nintendo coming, news of Sony's NGP along with new game titles including Wipeout, but no doubt … [Read more...]

Sony’s Plight Continues: Ericsson Hacked, Data Extracted

You have to feel sorry for Sony at this present time, in fact over the last few weeks. How much bad luck can one company put up with? First gamers had to suffer with the loss of Sony's PlayStation Secure Network which fingers crossed, has now been resumed for most people, then this week, their … [Read more...]

LinkedIn User Accounts: Security Hindered Due To Cookies


Sony's PlayStation Secure Network is now finally resuming, after hackers managed to tamper with its servers causing personal information such as credit card details to possibly fall into the wrong hands. Not only did it bring into question of how secure our information actually is, but what … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Outage Saga Depicted: Financial Damage - Surprised?

The Sony PSN hacking and outage saga which recently led to 77 million users’ accounts being compromised has been well-documented and we posted many articles throughout the debacle. While the crisis was ongoing we asked about the possible financial costs to Sony and now we have news of a … [Read more...]

PlayStation Store Alleged Return Date Following PSN Outage

Sony are still coming through the rough patch that they’ve been experiencing in regards to the PSN outage where their network was compromised, data was swiped and then they had to rebuild their entire infrastructure. Following on from that services have resumed for gaming purposes and Sony will … [Read more...]

Sony PSN New Update 3.61 Resulting In Freezing PS3′s?

Just a few days back, the news that many of you had finally been waiting for arrived, that the Sony PSN was actually coming back on although at a trickle. During the course of last weekend, Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai gave gamers news that the service was being restored in some countries with others … [Read more...]

Sony Sweating Over PSN Password Reset Blunder

When it comes the Sony PSN outage where their network was compromised we have reported on the different stages from when it was first taken down and they had to rebuild the infrastructure all the way through to when it was brought back up online. Now we have something new to tell you about that Sony … [Read more...]

PSN Restoration: FAQ - Your Questions Answered

The PSN has been at the forefront of every Sony PlayStation 3 user’s mind for some time now and the fact that it’s backup is great for all of you who have wanted your Call of Duty fix or if you have wanted to perform your favorite Fatality against your friend on the latest Mortal Kombat game … [Read more...]

Sony PSN UK Back Online: Some Have, Are Others Waiting?

Earlier today, we gave you news that Sony's PlayStation Secure Network was being resumed, but in stages. As well as the service being restored, a new firmware update has been given. During the course of the day gamers have been keeping us informed on whether they are still patiently waiting for … [Read more...]

Sony PSN “ComeBack” Service: You Back On, Any Problems?

Sony's PSN outage commenced on the 20th April to the huge disappointment of its gamers, and ever since then, many of you have been waiting patiently for the service to resume. Some of you have even resorted to drastic measures of trading-in your PS3 consoles in return for an Xbox just to get your … [Read more...]

Twitter’s PS3 Jubilant Gamers Tweet Of Sony PSN Restoration

Since its initial beginnings, online social networking site Twitter is now seeing in the region of 200 million active users. With some 65 million tweets being sent a day and over 800,000 search queries being processed, it is still proving a popular means of communication with not just the everyday … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Restoration Commences: New Security In Place

News has filtered through overnight that Sony's PlayStation Secure Network is indeed back online in some parts of America and Europe. From an outage that first started back on April 20th until now, gamers have felt disappointed, frustrated and even happy to get rid of their PS3 consoles. So what … [Read more...]