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"Sony PSN Outage" News

Sony PSN Episode: PS3 vs Xbox 360 Concensus, Your Comments

[ 14 ] May 14, 2022

Since 20th April when the Sony PSN first went down and news filtered through that the outage was indeed caused by a hacker(s), many of you have commented on how you feel. The reaction from our readers has been immense from feelings of anger, frustration and so on. With the service set to resume by [...]

Sony PSN Saga: PS4 Arrival, Affected Sales Before Released?

[ 2 ] May 14, 2022

As the Sony PSN downtime still continues from 20th April, many of you have been feeling disappointed, angry, frustrated and so on, but the reaction we have to say has been a mixed bag. Some of you have felt sorry for Sony with many of you saying that “its just one of those things” and [...]

Senator’s Dressing-Down Retracted After Sony’s PSN Response

[ 0 ] May 10, 2022

Since the days of when the Sony PlayStation Secure Network first went down on the 20th April, the news has been rife on the internet. Many gamers have voiced their anger as to why it is taken so long, and just yesterday we told you that the PSN wouldn’t in fact be resumed until the [...]

Free Xbox Live While PSN Down: Microsoft Incentive?

[ 98 ] May 10, 2022

While the PSN remains down as it has for some time now many people have been toying with the idea of a switch of hardware from the PlayStation 3 over to the Xbox 360. There have been simply comments by the where people are letting rip at Sony over their security being breached to the [...]

Sony Restoration Timeline Update For PSN To Be Back Online

[ 7 ] May 10, 2022

As you are all aware the Sony PSN has now been down for quite some time and with people growing more and more frustrated by the day there are many people making the switch from Sony to Microsoft hardware, the opposing games console in the Xbox 360

An Image Showing Why The PSN Is Down

[ 1 ] May 9, 2022

For all of you PS3 users that are still fuming over the PSN being down there have been regular updates from Sony (after the first week of downtime) that we at OSM have been reporting on. Some of the first ones were that there was an external intrusion and then that Sony has had to [...]

New Sony PSN Internal Testing: Finally Something Happening

[ 11 ] May 7, 2022

With regards to the Sony PlayStation network being down we have brought you various reports about it. We have informed you regularly of any updates that Sony provide and pull any information out of it that we can such as the fact that they have had to completely re-build the infrastructure which undoubtedly takes time [...]

Sony Customers Beware: Third Major Hack This Coming Weekend

[ 1 ] May 6, 2022

Sony’s PlayStation Secure Network (PSN) went down on the 20th April and for many it has now come down to a pure waiting game as to when it will be resumed. In the last few days, here at OSM we have brought you news suggesting that the service will be fully functional by the end [...]