Sony PS3 Price Slashed Globally: PS3 Or Entry Xbox 360?

For those of you who consider yourselves avid gaming enthusiasts, may want to prick your ears up now, with news that Sony is reducing the price of the PS3 console. Up until now the PS3's price has been fairly hefty, therefore making it difficult for everybody to get their hands on it. With other … [Read more...]

Bomb Threat: Sent From Sony PS3 - Police Traced The IP

With the recent acts of cyber terrorism it’s no surprise that when there was a bomb threat in Japan the police were able to trace the IP address back to a Sony PS3. Not only that but they were able to pin point the home it resided in and made a swift move to make the arrest and protect the public … [Read more...]

Super Slim Sony PlayStation 3 Hits Japan: US & Europe Next?

Despite Sony’s recent problems regarding the PSN outage and being hit a couple of times by LulzSec they have still found time to develop different products. One of them is the new super slim Sony PlayStation 3 that’s hit Japan, we are wondering if the US & Europe are next … [Read more...]

PS3 Hacker Going To Jail: Will LulzSec Express Their Opinion?

We all know what happened to Sony when they started to sue people who had exploited their PS3 such as GeoHotz who gained a mountain of support to fight against Sony. Unfortunately not all the hackers received the same support… We have now heard that a PS3 hacker might be going to jail and we are … [Read more...]

Facebook Announcement From Sony - CoD Black Ops Escalation Live

This last week has been a bit crazy with a few different announcements from different manufacturers such as the new capabilities of the Kinect, the PS Vita being officially named by Sony and Nintendo wowing the audience with the new controller and naming the new static console the Wii U … [Read more...]

Batman Batarang Xbox & PS3 Controllers: Coming To E3 2011

At OSM we love to report on all the different types of games consoles out there as well as the input devices that go with them. Recent reports include the speculation around the new Wii perhaps having screens on their controllers, the new PS3 official Dual-Shock 3 candy blue controller/dock and of … [Read more...]

Limited Edition Black Ops/PS3 Bundle: Buy Now Or Wait For MW3?

Sony has recently had quite a bit of a rough patch with the unexpected outage that hit the PSN where hackers managed to infiltrate the network and steal the user data. Since then we have seen Sony talking about the “welcome back package” that is due any day soon as well as the new PSP Remaster … [Read more...]

Sony Remaster PSP Titles For PlayStation 3: Continuous Gaming

Sony is looking to keep users on side following their recent PSN outage and keep their reputation in tact by not only offering the welcome back package but also by intertwining the link between PlayStation 3 and the PSP even further. Whilst you were able to purchase PSP games on your PS3 and then … [Read more...]

Sony Sweating Over PSN Password Reset Blunder

When it comes the Sony PSN outage where their network was compromised we have reported on the different stages from when it was first taken down and they had to rebuild the infrastructure all the way through to when it was brought back up online. Now we have something new to tell you about that Sony … [Read more...]

An Image Showing Why The PSN Is Down

For all of you PS3 users that are still fuming over the PSN being down there have been regular updates from Sony (after the first week of downtime) that we at OSM have been reporting on. Some of the first ones were that there was an external intrusion and then that Sony has had to completely rebuild … [Read more...]

New Sony PSN Internal Testing: Finally Something Happening

With regards to the Sony PlayStation network being down we have brought you various reports about it. We have informed you regularly of any updates that Sony provide and pull any information out of it that we can such as the fact that they have had to completely re-build the infrastructure which … [Read more...]

Sony PS3 Hacker GeoHot Sets His Eyes On The Apple iPad 2

GeoHot is a name that will mean something to a few people and nothing to others, it’s the name of a famous hacker George Hotz who is the same guy that has just been dragged through the courts by Sony because he hacked his PS3 and exposed it’s Holy Grail unlock code … [Read more...]

GeoHot Not Behind The PSN Outage: Offers Sony Condolences

The Sony world of online gaming has certainly been rocked over the last 10 days. When we first heard about the PSN down everyone thought it was pretty much an unscheduled outage and that it would return to normal service but when that didn’t happen people started to wonder what was going on, … [Read more...]

Another Weekend Of PSN Outage: PS3 Gamers Suffer

We are now into the 10th day of the PSN being down and we are wondering what is happening in terms of gamers and what you are playing. There are certain types of gamers that only play online and those are the main ones that will be suffering here … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Outage Continues: Time To Go From PS3 To Xbox 360?

So let’s just recap on what we know in terms of what Sony has told us, firstly the PSN went down on Wednesday the 20th we were all outraged and thought that it was perhaps some kind of unplanned outage and when the service didn’t resume within the next day people started to wonder what was going … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Outage Latest Update: Re-Building Infrastructure

We at OSM have been keeping up with the latest news surrounding the PSN and what the heck is going on with it. So far we have told you about how there may have been some disappointment for Mortal Kombat fans wishing to bash their friends online because the PSN went down on its release date and also … [Read more...]

Sony Music Unlimited Streams For Xperia Play, PSP & NGP

Sony over the last few years have been dipping their toes into the handheld console market with the likes of the Sony PSP and now they are moving forward with announcements about the NGP. The NGP is the next console in the PSP lineup aka the PSP2 and not only that but today is the release day for … [Read more...]

Xbox 360 Kinect: Hacked To Work With The PS3?

The Microsoft Kinect is one of those devices that everybody wasn’t too sure about when it was first talked about and since then the Kinect has rocketed. We have seen the sales of the motion controller and its games surpass the 10 million marker as well as it playing its part in the Xbox leading … [Read more...]

Video Game Market: 3% Growth In February

Everybody knows that the video games market is massive and continually growing. We have recently been reporting on a few gaming input devices from the likes of Razer with the DeathAdder mouse and the Naga Epic as well as the Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 gaming headset … [Read more...]

New Sony PS3 Dual-Shock 3 Dock & Candy Blue Controllers

There’s some good news for all of you Sony PlayStation fans out there who have managed to play your controllers to death. There's a new one that have become available in a Candy Blue color. Not only that but there’s also a new charging station! … [Read more...]

Controlling Your Sony PS3 With An Android Device

The Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular games consoles in the world, those that don’t have one want one and those that have one wouldn’t be without it (unless you are an Xbox sort of person) … [Read more...]

Xbox 360 Vs Sony PS3: Hacking Dealt With In Different Ways

There’s no doubt in the popularity of two of the biggest selling games consoles in the world, the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 but when it comes to hacking it is frowned upon by some, but should it be? … [Read more...]

Marvel Fighting Pad: On Xbox 360 Potentially PS3 Soon

When it comes to accessories for games consoles we try to bring you as many of the devices as possible, we have recently reported on an Xbox 360 wireless headset being made by Mad Catz and also the Razer Onza Xbox 360 controllers in the tournament and standard editions … [Read more...]

Sony PS3 Jailbreak Code Retweeted: Nice One Kevin Butler

At OSM we have reported on a couple of the PS3 jailbreaks that have been floating around the Internet, the last one we did was when the 3.50 update was being discussed on Twitter and before that how the v3.42 and 3.5 are now supported … [Read more...]

PS3: PSN Facebook Application - Will You Install It

Just to give you an idea of how busy the guys at Sony have been, this week we have seen the Tokyo event where the PSP2 (NGP) was revealed, a new update was released onto the PS3 and they have now found time to integrate the PSN with Facebook, bravo Sony … [Read more...]