Watch YouTube videos without closing PS Vita games

Watch YouTube videos without closing PS Vita games

Sony PS Vita users can now watch YouTube videos without having to close games, thanks to the PS Vita YouTube app getting its new background running update. If you take a look at the embed tweet we have added via PlayStation they mention the update is coming soon that allows users to watch videos … [Read more...]

Sony PS Vita: Compatible Gaming with PSP and PS3


If any of you are like us then you are sitting waiting for the new Sony PS Vita to be released and are looking forward to everything that it brings. Already we have an idea of what it will be priced at from Sony’s event at E3 several months ago but now there’s new details that say the PS Vita isn’t … [Read more...]

PS Vita Release Date: Blockbuster Says October 28th


The PS Vita is a games console that many of us have been waiting for; we have seen it changing names with PSP2 and NGP before finally settling on the PS Vita. This console is perhaps one of the reasons that the Nintendo 3DS isn’t selling as well as Nintendo thought it would. We are now hearing that … [Read more...]

PS Vita Release Date In Early November Or Delayed Until 2012?


When it comes to the world of gaming and mobile devices you will always hear contrasting stories and lots of different launch dates being thrown around. Now we have heard that the PS Vita release date could be early November but we have also read it could be delayed until 2012! … [Read more...]

Sony PS Vita: Removable Memory Isn’t An SDCard


The new handheld from Sony has been talked about quite a lot since it was first announced, we have known it as the PSP2, the NGP and now it’s official name which was revealed at E3 2011 the PS Vita. The snazzy new handheld from Sony even played its part in getting E3 to 2nd place in this week’s … [Read more...]

Sony PS Vita Takes On Nintendo’s 3DS: Your Choice?


As we now see Sony's PlayStation Vita made official, it's main rival the Nintendo 3DS looks likely to suffer a major sales hit. Although loyal followers of the 3DS were no doubt happy to welcome the new console, it's introduction on to the market was far from smooth. … [Read more...]