Xbox 720 carries on consoles 10 year reign


Break out the cake and candles, as Microsoft’s console king celebrates its 10th birthday, and what a journey its been for the main rival to Sony’s PlayStation. It was back in 2001 when the Nintendo 64 and PS2 had the gaming market in their pockets, this was all about to end though with Microsoft’s … [Read more...]

PS Vita Release Date In Early November Or Delayed Until 2012?


When it comes to the world of gaming and mobile devices you will always hear contrasting stories and lots of different launch dates being thrown around. Now we have heard that the PS Vita release date could be early November but we have also read it could be delayed until 2012! … [Read more...]

Super Slim Sony PlayStation 3 Hits Japan: US & Europe Next?


Despite Sony’s recent problems regarding the PSN outage and being hit a couple of times by LulzSec they have still found time to develop different products. One of them is the new super slim Sony PlayStation 3 that’s hit Japan, we are wondering if the US & Europe are next … [Read more...]

Sony Live Stream For E3 2011 With High Quality Version


We have been regularly reporting on E3 2011 throughout the day as its one of the biggest gaming events of the year. We have reported on various locations of where you can watch different legally streamed parts of the event for different manufacturers … [Read more...]

Sony PSN YoYos Today Due To Maintenance: Back Up Tomorrow


When it comes to the Sony PSN it has been in shambles for the last 5-6 weeks and at the moment it’s going up and down in many locations. Sony has promised that the PlayStation Store and a few other features will be up by the end of the week so we are all wishing the week away to grab our free … [Read more...]

Sony PlayStation 3 Portable: eBay Current Price $1,600


Sony has been a massive talking point for a lot of people across the world in recent times mainly because of their PSN outage that was caused by the servers being breached. Sony has since rebuilt the infrastructure and today announced that the PlayStation Store will be up and running along with some … [Read more...]

Official PlayStation 3 Cans: Price & Release Date


When you think of gaming and the best equipment that money can buy what do you think of? Perhaps products for PC gamers from Razer or maybe you look at some less well known ones if price is a consideration. What about when you are gaming on your Sony PlayStation 3 and you want the best sounds … [Read more...]

Sony PlayStation 4: Development Under Way Or A Distraction


Sony has certainly taken quite a beating over the last little while mainly because of the biggest hacking scandal we have ever seen where the PSN was compromised to the point where Sony simply switched it off. Whilst it was off they were busy rebuilding the infrastructure and trying to calm the … [Read more...]

Limited Edition Black Ops/PS3 Bundle: Buy Now Or Wait For MW3?


Sony has recently had quite a bit of a rough patch with the unexpected outage that hit the PSN where hackers managed to infiltrate the network and steal the user data. Since then we have seen Sony talking about the “welcome back package” that is due any day soon as well as the new PSP Remaster that … [Read more...]

Sony Remaster PSP Titles For PlayStation 3: Continuous Gaming


Sony is looking to keep users on side following their recent PSN outage and keep their reputation in tact by not only offering the welcome back package but also by intertwining the link between PlayStation 3 and the PSP even further. Whilst you were able to purchase PSP games on your PS3 and then … [Read more...]

PlayStation Store Alleged Return Date Following PSN Outage


Sony are still coming through the rough patch that they’ve been experiencing in regards to the PSN outage where their network was compromised, data was swiped and then they had to rebuild their entire infrastructure. Following on from that services have resumed for gaming purposes and Sony will … [Read more...]

An Image Showing Why The PSN Is Down


For all of you PS3 users that are still fuming over the PSN being down there have been regular updates from Sony (after the first week of downtime) that we at OSM have been reporting on. Some of the first ones were that there was an external intrusion and then that Sony has had to completely rebuild … [Read more...]

Sony PlayStation’s Facebook Backing Surpasses 10 Million


There are a vast number of people that enjoy Sony’s high quality great devices. The massive manufacturer is always trying to find new innovative ways of promoting themselves. You only have to look back to the advert where they were showing the Android bot with thumbs for the Xperia Play … [Read more...]

Sony NGP (PSP2): Price Leaked


We have been keeping you up to date with the NGP aka the PSP2, so far we have reported on its revelation event in Tokyo, we reported on the Twitter buzz that it received, the A9 Cortex Quad-core processor that is present, we then topped it all off by asking you how much you would pay … [Read more...]

Silver Satin PS3 Release: Not In U.S. or UK Yet


Sony has been extremely busy recently, only a few days ago we saw Sony showcasing their latest device in the handheld gaming market; the PSP2 (NGP). They have also released an update to the PS3 that is thought to be to resolve some security issues and we are expecting some kind of announcement at … [Read more...]

PS3 Firmware Update 3.40: New features Include


It seems there’s good news for Sony PlayStation 3 owners as it appears that from next week there’ll be a new Firmware Update available for you to download. If you’re one of the many that think you’ll subscribe to the new PlayStation Plus you’ll need to use the new Firmware Update v.3.40. This … [Read more...]