Facebook login still dominant: Q1 vs Q2 2015 results

Facebook login still dominant in social media pic 2

No social media network out there is catching the likes of Facebook when it comes to social logins. Millions of people use the Facebook login to gain access to profiles, newsfeed and so much more. But social login as we also know as social sign-in is only but getting better for Facebook with a … [Read more...]

Facebook social login trends for 2014

2014 Facebook social login statistics vs others pic 1

Social networking is becoming more popular each day, and not just for the general public. Many brands, businesses are getting on board and this is making the social login numbers rise very fast indeed. If you look at the chart below it asks the question, "Which social accounts are the most … [Read more...]

Social logins incremental gains for Facebook

Social logins incremental gains for Facebook

The social logins for Facebook has seen incremental gains for the Q2 2015 April / June period, but looking at the stats Google Plus is not too far behind with its growth pattern. Thanks to Gigya putting together a very informative infographic we can see the landscape of social login across mobile … [Read more...]

Google Plus social logins, Facebook referral dominance: Update

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Everyone has their own opinion about Google Plus and Facebook when it comes to social satisfaction, but stats are stats and social login numbers are what they are. Both of these stand strong when it comes to social logins in the first quarter of 2014. When it comes to social logins Facebook are … [Read more...]