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Samsung Galaxy S2 Release to Lag Behind HTC EVO 3D on Sprint

[ 8 ] June 6, 2021

There are some truly impressive smartphones due to be released over the next month or so and many people were waiting to hear news of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) U.S. release. We finally heard some news at the weekend to say that Sprint could be releasing the Galaxy S2 under the name Within,…

Where is the Motorola Droid Bionic? Maybe it’s the Targa After All

[ 12 ] June 4, 2021

We’ve been bringing you news on the Motorola Droid Bionic, a 4G handset for Verizon’s LTE network, for almost as long as we can remember. After the smartphone was delayed for improvements we then heard that the Targa may be a replacement. Recently though we told of a Motorola webpage that briefly leaked a few…

Galaxy S2 (S II) US Release on Sprint: Within to Arrive in July?

[ 4 ] June 4, 2021

Earlier today we gave news of a price and plans roundup for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Android smartphone, once again noting that there had still been no U.S release. We know how many of our U.S. readers are eager to get their hands on the Galaxy S2 and we have news of a…

Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Price & Plans Roundup: Compare Deals

[ 1 ] June 4, 2021

We’ve been bringing you a lot of news about the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Android smartphone that’s currently the talk of the town. Along with a review roundup we’ve given you a retailer roundup with details of various countries’ carriers. It can be very difficult to find out where you can get the best…

Next Apple iPhone 5 (or 4S) September Release: Looking Likely

[ 3 ] June 2, 2022

We’ve continued to bring readers all the news and speculation about the next Apple iPhone, despite expected release dates seemingly changing by the minute and confusion over whether it will be the Apple iPhone 4S or 5. The latest information we have is that it appears as though a release for the next iPhone is…

Samsung Exhibit 4G & Gravity Smart on T-Mobile: June Releases

[ 0 ] June 2, 2022

We have news today of an official announcement from T-Mobile about two new Samsung Android phones due for release in June, the Exhibit 4G and also the Gravity SMART. Although we’ve previously given some details on the Exhibit 4G and followed up with a leaked release date the Gravity SMART is a handset that until…

Motorola Leaks Xoom 2, Targa & More Androids: Images Removed

[ 0 ] June 1, 2022

Now here’s an intriguing snippet to whet your appetite today, with what seems to be a Motorola leak that was rather quickly covered up. It seems that the Motorola Mobility website briefly showed a page containing images of upcoming Android products including the Xoom 2 tablet, the Targa smartphone and others, screenshots of which were…

HTC Sensation 4G Release For Galaxy S2 Rival: June 12 at Walmart

[ 0 ] June 1, 2022

We’ve written many times now about two of the smartphones of the moment, the HTC Sensation 4G and its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S2. Well if you haven’t already made up your mind between these two handsets, you may do now as we have official news that the HTC Sensation will be released at…

Apple iPhone 5 (4S) to be Challenged by Huawei Vision

Apple iPhone 5 (4S) to be Challenged by Huawei Vision

[ 2 ] May 31, 2022

We’ve written countless articles now with news, speculation and rumor about the Apple iPhone 5 (or 4S), but it seems that Chinese company Huawei intends to give Apple a challenge. The manufacturer has plans for the Huawei Vision (possibly codename) smartphone, which will be a high-end Android device and from very early specs it could…

Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Screen Problems: Users En Masse Report

[ 12 ] May 31, 2022

Here at OSM we’ve been writing numerous articles on the smartphone that everybody is talking about, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (or S II). Virtually all of our stories have been hugely positive about this Android smartphone, which has yet to see its U.S release, but today we have heard that users en masse are now…

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