iPhone 4S password issues, Siri bypass

Apple’s new iPhone 4S has been officially available to buy for nearly two weeks now, and along with brand new internals to speak of, the handset comes with voice recognition technology “Siri.” … [Read more...]

Future Siri updates, incrementally not major

Now that we have had six full days with our iPhone 4S we have worked out all the small little issues, such as the poor performing battery, yellowing on the screen (like last year) and also the minor glitches with Siri, the voice command service that it only part of iOS 5 on the new Apple … [Read more...]

Roundup of iPhone 4S problems: Battery, Siri, Sprint, iCloud and more

Whenever a new device is launched it is inevitable that there are one or two issue. However, the number of problems that has been affecting the iPhone 4S is worse than we first assumed, so we thought that we would cover them in a roundup. The list of problems includes the battery, Siri, Spriint, … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S, Siri and Jonathan Mann partner in music video

If there were ever a music video that needed to go viral it would be “A Duet With Siri” by Jonathan Mann, it’s hilarious and sums up what a lot of iPhone 4S users have experienced with Apple’s Siri.You can see the 2-minute and 30 second video below this post, which shows Jonathan Mann … [Read more...]

Siri on iPhone 4S only finds businesses in United States

You had that little box arrive last week from Apple, and inside was your new iPhone 4S that after an hour in your hand felt like you’d not changed your phone, from the outside anyway. On the inside and after spending a much longer amount of time with iPhone 4S, everything is different.From the … [Read more...]

Siri hands-on: Apple iPhone 4S reviews hit the web

If you’ve used Apple’s iPhone 4S then one of the first features you may have tried would’ve been Siri, and for those that have not had a chance to use the new voice assistant, you may want to see some of the reviews being posted online.We’ve had a play with the feature and loved being … [Read more...]