iPhone 5 Delivery: iPhone 4 Shipping Times Differ

Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5 is yet to release to the disappointment of many fans, but the latest is that it will arrive during next month. As with many new device arrivals, launch and release dates come and go and in the case of Motorola's new Droid Bionic, consumers have waited just over nine … [Read more...]

Apple Bolster iPhone 5 Orders: 20 Million For Explosive 4th Quarter

Its time for your daily iPhone 5 news and it seems that Apple are making sure they have enough units to satisfy demand. Steve Jobs has reportedly cranked up his order for the highly anticipated smartphone with an estimated 20 million handsets being readied to ship in the year's final 3 months. The … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Online Orders Ship Early: Smart Covers Plus More Delayed?

While some have already experienced the joys and downfalls of Apple's second generation iPad, others that made the choice to take the online order route, have still been waiting for their tablets. … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt Ignites Pre-Orders Before March 17th Shipments

For many of you who have been waiting for confirmation of HTC's Thunderbolt, there is no doubt you would have read the countless suggestions as to when it will finally land. … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2011: Sells Out, Online Delivery Delays Slow Up

Apple's iPad 2 officially launched last Friday and even before you had the chance to pick one up be it online or in-store, analysts were predicting how well the tablet would fair. We ourselves had asked the question whether there would be enough units to go around, and news from analyst firm … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer 1 Million Units Already Ordered: iPad 2 Face Rivalry

On announcement of the HTC Flyer (dubbed a tablet for the whole family) back in January, it became apparent quite quickly that this would be a big contender against the likes of some of the big team players. As well as reporting on a packed list of specifications, it seems HTC have managed to get … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 March Shipments Rocket: 2 To 3 Million Expected


It seems that Apple have different thoughts to most when it comes to the predicted sales of its new iPad 2. Initial reports favored a lower number of unit sales for Q2 2011, possibly due to the fact that the second-generation tablet lacked features that didn't appear. … [Read more...]

Sony & LG Row: PS3s Stop Shipping For 10 Days

If you are in the process of buying yourself a PS3 then hurry and get one right now, as we will soon be facing a shortage. LG has won an appeal to have all new PlayStation 3s entering Europe confiscated by customs officers for at least the next 10 days. … [Read more...]

Kno Tablet Shipping Delayed Up To 2 Months: Some May Wait Until April?


A while back, in fact November 2010, we brought you news of 2 tablets from Kno, which were potentially geared up those within the academic market. Kno's offerings were expected to be one of a 14.1-inch single screen model, and the other a dual-screen with both shipping sometime in December. … [Read more...]

Online Verizon iPhone 4 Orders: Wait No More Coming A Week Early?

One of the most talked about smartphones that is likely to come out of 2011, showed itself to the world on Thursday when finally its official launch got underway, we are of course talking about the iPhone 4 on Verizon. … [Read more...]

Notion Ink Adam Release: Shipping starts now


Here at OSM we’ve been watching with interest the growing development of the Notion Ink Adam tablet, the innovative product that has many people talking and which we included in our 5 of the best tablets from CES 2011. Among just some of our recent stories were a preview and video, a comparison … [Read more...]