Sharp 3D Aquos SH-12C Smartphone: 20th May Release

As we know, technology is forever changing and one of the latest inclusions on new and forthcoming devices is that of 3D. Since the start of CES 2011 which was held in Las Vegas back in January, we have seen an explosion in 3D capable gadgets. As well as the Nintendo 3DS gaming console which … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Liquid Crystal Display: Thinner, Lighter, Longer Life

As technology moves further on, all our devices are getting thinner and lighter but surely there must be a limit. As we have already seen Apple's popular iPhone and iPod Touches have slimmed down as the generations have progressed. … [Read more...]

Sharp HDTVs AQUOS LE830 Series: March Release with Prices

We like to keep our readers informed with news on the latest TV’s available, such as the SunBrite 46-inch 1080pHDTV, especially designed to watch outside. Today though, we have info about the Sharp LE830 Series AQUOS Quottron LED LCD TVs, which will be shipping very soon, this month in fact. … [Read more...]

Pioneer Elite (KURO) HDTV Back: Sharp Elite LCD Instead

Electronics company Pioneer is now on the up thanks to some news that has come through today. Some of you may remember the very successful Kuro Plasma Screen TV's that Pioneer released and then unfortunately stopped producing? And today Pioneer are best known for manufacturing receivers, Blu-Ray … [Read more...]

Sharp Galapagos Tablets Update: Re-Tuned For 3G Radio?


The Sharp Tablets have been enjoying their debut in Japan since their release. We presume that sales have been ok since we haven’t heard otherwise, but now we are hearing a few reports about the tablets … [Read more...]

Sharp Galapagos Tablet Devices: Price An Issue


As we reported to you towards the end of September, Sharp had been planning to release a couple of tablet pc’s which would be named ‘Galapagos’. Well now they are on their way and will be available in December … [Read more...]

New Sharp 3D Phones In 2011: India, China and US


Are you like me and have been wondering how long it would be until we have 3D screens on our mobile phones? Well Sharp plan to be releasing them in 2011 in India, China and the US. The phones are said to be on the Android platform … [Read more...]

Sharp Announce 3D “Galapagos” Android Phones


The mobile phone market is inundated with varying handsets, each offering their own unique data plans and prices and it's difficult to know what to choose. Although many consumers will be buying devices in time for the holiday season, it might be worth waiting a little longer as now Sharp will be … [Read more...]

Sony jump on the glasses free 3D TV bandwagon


We brought you the news yesterday that Toshiba are launching two models of their first ever glasses free 3D TV line. Sony will be showing off their first new 3D product next week at the opening of a new exhibition at The British Library according, to reports from Electric Pig. … [Read more...]

Sharp To Release Two “iPad Style” Tablets


Japanese Electronics Company “Sharp” who are renowned for their design and manufacturing of products, are now set to release two new tablets onto the market by the month of December. Currently, Sharp offers LCD TV’s, mobile phones, microwave ovens, calculators and now to add to these, two … [Read more...]

Japan: Order Food Through iPad


In recent months, we have all gathered our own opinions on the Apple iPad, but for users in Japan who cannot get enough of it, they are now finding unique ways to use their device. … [Read more...]