Pinterest search users thoughts on guided directions

Explore your options

Pinterest Guided Search was released earlier this year for Web users and nothing new has changed, but what has changed is the way users think about searching. After using Pinterest Guided Search for a while now, the expansion in use is just brilliance. The options are to discover and explore and … [Read more...]

Facebook old post search concern vs. positivity

Facebook old post search concern vs. positivity

Facebook is testing a new way to search older posts, and even though this is only for mobile devices at the moment they want to improve the way people search on mobile. The new Facebook search option will allow users to look for old posts we all thought were buried, for some this can be a good … [Read more...]

New Google Plus menu search for food lovers

New Google Plus menu search for food lovers

If you love food and restaurants you will most definitely like the new Google Plus menu search that has been implemented. There are so many restaurants offering delicious food, and if you are hungry it is always nice to check the menu out before booking or heading off for something to eat. The … [Read more...]

Google Plus saved searches removal debate

Google Plus save this search removal debate

We are all hoping that Google has something special up its sleeve after they remove the "Save this search" option in Google Plus. Google Plus saved searches removal is causing a debate online and OSM would love to hear from you, Google did say “Browser bookmarks replace the earlier - You can … [Read more...]

LinkedIn new unified search launches

LinkedIn new unified search launches

LinkedIn has a new update that makes it’s search much more interesting, it is now smoother and streamlined for the user. The new LinkedIn update is all about the search and below we explain a little about the new features. Some of the main features within the new update include ‘Auto-Complete’; … [Read more...]

Bing incorporates Facebook and Twitter more into search

Bing incorporates Facebook and Twitter more into search

Everything one way or another seems to relate around social networking, and now we have learned that Bing now incorporates Facebook and Twitter more into search. It was back in 2012 when the "Snapshot" feature within Bing was added to its search engine, and they have to move forward and to do … [Read more...]

Google+ social network tweaked with new photo filter

Google+ social network tweaked with new photo filter

We all know that Facebook and Google+ are competition rivals and now Google has tweaked around with its social networking site so that users and followers can now filter search results to make it easier for those that want photo posts only. If you go to your Google+ profile page you will be able … [Read more...]

Photo & Video Search Being Rolled Out By Twitter


We brought you the news recently that Twitter were preparing to launch a photo sharing service to rival the likes of Flickr and Twitpic. This service is yet to be released but Twitter has launched their new photo and video search feature. … [Read more...]

Find People You Want To Follow With Twitter’s Upgraded Search


If your list of followers on Twitter is becoming dry then maybe it is time to add some more. The microblog have just rolled out a new update which finds new people by searching for who has been tweeting on that topic the most. The upgraded search will now make it easier to find and follow more … [Read more...]

Facebook Tops 2010’s Most Searched For Brands List


We are all well aware of the strength Facebook has when it comes to social networking and we just thought we would reiterate this with another stat. In 2010 Facebook was the most searched for brand on the entire internet, beating the likes of Amazon, YouTube and eBay. … [Read more...]

Top searches from Yahoo for 2010: Shocked or not?


Here at OSM we do love a good infographic, a pictorial way of presenting facts and figures in a way that makes the information easier to digest. Recent posts with infographics include one that showed the evolution of e-mail and a chart on the PlayStation Move and how it has fared on the market. … [Read more...]

Bing Social Search: SEO and Google Implications?


It’s been announced today by Bing, the Microsoft search unit, that parts of its search results will now include integration from Facebook’s social graph. Because the social graph and “like” data from Facebook will now form part of the search this means that the usual algorithms that Bing uses in its … [Read more...]

Google Instant: Poll Indicates Success


Google Instant launched on Wednesday of this week and so far proves to be hit amongst users to the web. For those of you who may not be aware of this feature, Google Instant will make searches faster. It does this by means of a user putting in a search and text automatically being typed for you in … [Read more...]

Google Search As You Type Feature: Annoying Or Useful?

Google logo

Google is currently the king of the search engine market, but with opposition such as Microsoft's Bing working hard to gain marketshare, they need to keep innovating to stay ahead of the competition. … [Read more...]