Apple Providing School Friendly iMac: Selling For $999

Apple's array of amazing products are not only being snapped up by consumers and businesses, schools are also deciding to invest in them. The tech titan has just released a special version of its iMac computer, being specifically designed for educational purposes. The pricing structure is also … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Attack A Teacher Day Foiled- Six Schoolgirls Arrested


Facebook is a place where people come together in a positive way, but this next case takes it a bit too far. A group of schoolgirls from Carson City, Nevada, have been arrested because they planned a Facebook event called "attack a teacher day" and invited other pupils to join it. … [Read more...]

School Work Hit: Online Social Networking the Cause?

A recent survey carried out by JCA is suggesting that pupil’s work isn’t as good as it should be and teachers are suggesting that it is due to social networking. The actually believe that kids flash through their homework just so they can sit and chat to their friends online … [Read more...]

Apple iPad Put On Trial In Australian Schools


Apple’s iPad tablet has swept across educational facilities across Australia, in a bid to try out this latest technological device. A number of schools such as Kinross College, Ashdale Secondary College, Ballajura Community College and John Curtin College of the Arts are all in the process of … [Read more...]