Twilight Game On Facebook: Scam Loaded With Malware

We at OSM have seen various different scams over the last few months, the ones that hit Facebook are generally trying to affect your computer with Malware. One of these nasties that reared its ugly head was the Charlie Sheen death hoax but there are others that are using different aspects of … [Read more...]

Facebook Photos Become a Security Issue: Latest Scam


We all know how good Facebook can be especially as many of you like to keep in contact with distant friends and family around the world. With that being the case you would surely like to know that even though the massive social network has been making many changes that it still maintains the high … [Read more...]

Internet Fraudsters Hit Japan Tsunami Donators


Since the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami hit the North East coast of Japan on Friday, the news understandingly has been rife on the internet with every TV channel, radio station and so on giving us updates on the plight of the Japanese people. We brought you news when the disaster first hit reporting … [Read more...]

Your New Facebook Friend: Real Or Fake? How To Tell


Is a stunning woman or man trying to add you as a friend to Facebook? Have you ever thought that they might not actually be a real person? Well there are some tell tale signs that you may not know about so we wanted to report to you all on how to tell if your new Facebook friends is real or fake, … [Read more...]

Beware: Facebook Scam Targeting Children

Recently news of cyber crime on social networking sites has been a big topic of conversation, its never really gone away but there seems to be a big increase and today, disturbing news has come through of recent scams targeting parents and their children. … [Read more...]

Google: Suing fake pharmaceutical advertisers


Search engine giant Google are filing a civil lawsuit against advertisers it believes has intentionally breached its policy in regards to gaining prescription medication. Swarms of bogus online pharmacies have been set up and offer to illegally sell prescription medicine over the internet. … [Read more...]

New Facebook Scams: Surveys and Shocking Video

New Facebook Scams- Surveys and Shocking Video

A week does not go by when we have to warn you about a bunch of new Facebook scams, and this week is no different. The shocking thing is, you would have thought that with recent scams – users would have learned by now? Sadly they are still falling for the same old tricks. … [Read more...]

Facebook Automated System to Detect Gift Card Scam

More and more Facebook users are falling foul to a gift card scam that aims to fool people in to handing over money. Users believe that they are getting a sweet deal, which promises a gift card to spend on products from certain retailers, such as Best Buy. It is no secret that this is a scam – no … [Read more...]