Samsung Galaxy S 4G: T-Mobile Offer Customers February


If you are one of the many people struggling to know which smartphone to buy on today's increasing phone market, then news in relation to the Android 2.2 Samsung Galaxy S is coming your way today. The sleek, slim Galaxy S running on 4G, dubbed for its fast speeds and entertainment factor, will now … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Drops Galaxy Tab Price To $350

With many of us in a shopping frenzy on the lead up to Christmas and trying to source out that all important present, today news from T-Mobile may be about to brighten up your day. For Samsung's Galaxy Tablet and Vibrant smartphone are now being retailed at two pretty fantastic prices. … [Read more...]

HTC EVO 4G, Motorola Droid X and Incredible: Android Domination

PR News recently reported on the best Android smartphones on the market today! Android developed by Google is accessible via mobile phones, tablet computers and netbooks. We have listed just some of the best of the best. … [Read more...]