AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G: Gingerbread Update Imminent

Samsung has been making some really good progress in the smartphone market, when you think about the success they have had so far from the sales of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S II, you start to realize the new caliber of smartphones they are producing. Now we have heard that another successful … [Read more...]

Samsung Infuse Buyers Hold On, The HTC Holiday Specs Are Now In

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Samsung Infuse 4G & HP Veer 4G: Hitting AT&T - Best Deals?

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Samsung Infuse 4G Review Summary: Expert Opinions

A new Android smartphone is set to be gracing the shelves in just a few days. We’re talking about the Samsung Infuse 4G heading to AT&T; on May 15 and this slimline, sleek handset is attracting a certain amount of attention with the first reviews now coming out. We thought we’d take a look and … [Read more...]