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"Samsung Hercules" News

T-Mobile Samsung Hercules (S II): Oct 26th Goal?

[ 2 ] August 16, 2021

The list of current and forthcoming smartphones is continually expanding and its a job to pinpoint our favorite(s). One dominating device on a global scale is that of Samsung’s Galaxy S II and its a job for anyone else to get close to it, but that may be about to change with handsets from Motorola,…

New Hercules Confirmed To Be Samsung Galaxy S II Cousin

[ 1 ] August 8, 2021

Only a couple of days ago we reported on what looked to be a new smartphone being spotted in the wild called the Samsung Hercules. Since it was spotted we have been keeping an eye on proceedings and have found that the new Hercules device has been confirmed to be a Samsung Galaxy S II…

iPhone 5 Decimated By Four Big Names Inc. HTC Blast

[ 0 ] July 12, 2021

As the battle for smartphone supremacy still rages on with current phone line-ups, things will start to get even more interesting in the next 2 or so months. Currently the Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) is dubbed the phone to beat with some impressive specs and others are due to be released such as the…

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Hercules: Apple Should Be Worried

[ 0 ] July 3, 2021

To date the mobile phone market has already been stirred up with talk of Apple’s new iPhone 5 on the way September time. Although there are no guarantees on its definite arrival, many sources are pointing to this time, but if the news today is anything to go by, then Apple may have a big…