Galaxy S2 US Wanted Now: Hardware & Carrier Importance

Many of our articles at the moment seem to be about the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) and particularly its lack of a US release. Earlier today we told about how a couple of images of what appears to be the Sprint Galaxy S2, the Within, have been leaked, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer. However … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Faceoff with HTC EVO 3D: With Video

There are some great new and upcoming smartphones about at the moment and two of the handsets we’ve written most about are the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC EVO 3D. The EVO 3D is now out on Sprint but in the U.S. everybody is still waiting for a release of the Galaxy S2 (see release roundup … [Read more...]

Galaxy S2, Droid Bionic and iPhone 5 All Miss Verizon Deadline

Many of you will have been waiting for some new smartphones on Verizon, in particular I’m talking about the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Motorola Droid Bionic and the Apple iPhone 5. Although the iPhone 5 was delayed from a summer release it hasn’t stopped consumers hoping and they also might have … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) UK Retailer: Affordable Option

Samsung's new Galaxy S II (S2) handset that was recently released in countries such as the UK, Hong Kong, Asia and so on is making a huge impact within the phone market. Unfortunately, at the present time, Americans are still having to wait for a concrete release date, although rumor has it that … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 TV Smart View App: Download Available Now

We’ve been bringing you all the news about the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Android smartphone and have to say it’s one of the most anticipated phones due for release in the U.S. shortly. Other regions of the world are already lucky enough to have this impressive handset and today’s news … [Read more...]

U.S. 4 Big Carriers & Smartphones Take On Apple iPhone 5

Things are afoot in the smartphone world, with the soon to be released big players for each of the four major carriers. This will no doubt stir up a few things and possibly get people moving between suppliers in order to obtain the device that they require. … [Read more...]

Galaxy S2 (S II) and HTC Sensation Comparison: Video Contrast

We’ve written countless articles about two of the hottest handsets of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) and the HTC Sensation 4G. The Sensation has just been released on T-Mobile US while the Galaxy S2 is rumored to be coming to most major U.S carriers from next month. We wanted to give you … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2: Unleash Your Fingers YouTube Clip

At OSM we love to report on the latest YouTube clips that circulate as well as some of the latest technology including smartphones. One that has been pretty impressive so far is the Samsung Galaxy S2 which has managed to outsell the Apple iPhone 4 in the UK sales charts last month … [Read more...]

Galaxy S2 Smartphone Success Will Help Samsung Overtake Nokia

The Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II is certainly the smartphone that everybody is talking about at the moment, especially as the iPhone 5 release still seems to be some distance away. The U.S. is still waiting for the release of this impressive Android handset although release rumors abound and today we … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Within on Sprint: Launch Date July 24?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II has been released in many regions now but one of the questions we are asked most is when there will be a release for North America. We reported previously on a rumor of a possible July release on Sprint in the U.S. where it will be known as the Within and now we have … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 /S II Attain for AT&T Spotted: Release Closer?

We have written innumerable articles about the smartphone that everybody seems to be talking about, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II). At the moment a lot of the questions are about when this impressive Android handset will actually see a U.S. release and we have news today that the Galaxy S2 version … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) Sales Expand: More Countries Release

We’ve been bringing you all the news regarding the Samsung Galaxy S II or S2, the Android superphone that seems to be taking the world by storm and has seen hit reviews. We have news today that Galaxy S2 sales are set to expand further as more countries are now seeing a release. … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Verizon Release: Function in July

We’ve been avid enthusiasts of one of the most highly praised smartphones at the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II). Although released in some regions the phone has still not seen a U.S. release although this week we have seen a rumored date for the Sprint launch, and the Galaxy S2 is now … [Read more...]

Droid Bionic New Specs vs Galaxy S2: Choices Changed?

Even though Apple's WWDC 2011 kicked off on Monday and the E3 gaming event yesterday, news has still been coming in regarding many other devices, particularly that of smartphones and tablets. As well as giving you news yesterday about Sony's new PS Vita and Nintendo's new Wii U gaming consoles, we … [Read more...]

Samsung Helps Hackers & Devs with Free Galaxy S2: Bold Move


Here at OSM we haven’t even tried to hide our enthusiasm for the Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II smartphone. This is simply a great handset and we have just become aware of an inspiring story that Samsung is actually helping out hackers and developers by sending out a free Galaxy S2 phone or even … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) US Release News: On Amazon US Unlocked

We’ve been bringing you news thick and fast about the Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II Android smartphone and one of the questions we’re asked most at the moment is about release news for the U.S. At the weekend we told you about a rumored release date on Sprint in late July but today we have heard … [Read more...]

Galaxy S2 (S II) Or Atrix 4G in Dual-Core Fight: Who Takes It?

We’ve brought you a myriad of stories regarding the big smartphone at the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II). This notable Android handset has impressed many and we’ve recently told how it could be seeing a U.S. release in late July on Sprint. Now we have news of a video, which looks at a … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Release to Lag Behind HTC EVO 3D on Sprint

There are some truly impressive smartphones due to be released over the next month or so and many people were waiting to hear news of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) U.S. release. We finally heard some news at the weekend to say that Sprint could be releasing the Galaxy S2 under the name Within, in … [Read more...]

Galaxy S2 (S II) US Release on Sprint: Within to Arrive in July?

Earlier today we gave news of a price and plans roundup for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Android smartphone, once again noting that there had still been no U.S release. We know how many of our U.S. readers are eager to get their hands on the Galaxy S2 and we have news of a rumor of a U.S. release on … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Price & Plans Roundup: Compare Deals

We’ve been bringing you a lot of news about the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Android smartphone that’s currently the talk of the town. Along with a review roundup we’ve given you a retailer roundup with details of various countries’ carriers. It can be very difficult to find out where you can … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Hacked: Now 1080p Recording Improved

When it comes to the world of smartphones, we at OSM have reported on quite a few including many of the rumors for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. Another device that seems to be doing particularly well amongst all of you is the Samsung Galaxy S II … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Now On Three With UK Tariff

Samsung's Galaxy S2 is now available to buy and just over a week ago, we gave you a roundup of retailers from the UK, Australia and even India. Unfortunately the US is still awaiting an official release date. News has come through of yet another store hoping to get your custom, that of retailer … [Read more...]

HTC Sensation 4G Release For Galaxy S2 Rival: June 12 at Walmart

We’ve written many times now about two of the smartphones of the moment, the HTC Sensation 4G and its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S2. Well if you haven’t already made up your mind between these two handsets, you may do now as we have official news that the HTC Sensation will be released at … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Screen Problems: Users En Masse Report

Here at OSM we’ve been writing numerous articles on the smartphone that everybody is talking about, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (or S II). Virtually all of our stories have been hugely positive about this Android smartphone, which has yet to see its U.S release, but today we have heard that users en … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 /S II Vs Pantech Vega Racer: Cutting-Edge

We’ve written countless articles about the smartphone of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II), and haven’t hidden our enthusiasm about this very impressive Android handset. Recently we heard about the Pantech Vega Racer and we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the Galaxy S2 … [Read more...]