Dave Lewis provides Tesco results comeback

Dave Lewis provides Tesco results comeback

Tesco results are starting to come in and the decline in UK sales is being slowed down in the first quarter. Sales dropped to 1.3% in the 3 months to May 30 according to reports. It seems to be a hard slog battling to bring Tesco back from a sales decline, which has reached its fourth year. Chief … [Read more...]

Twitter pre-holiday checklist to drive sales results

Twitter pre-holiday checklist to drive sales results

With the holidays fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about how your business can use Twitter to drive sales and engagement this season! To help, Twitter has put together a pre-holiday checklist of a few things you can do to drive big results – Please do check out the … [Read more...]

Breakdown of social media increasing sales

Breakdown of social media increasing sales

Social media has become a way of life, there is not one day that goes by where you will not see someone on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, G Plus etc. These are not social networking platforms for just personal use; they are a great way of increasing sales for your business. The infographic below … [Read more...]

Facebook policy on gun sales, removal of posts

Facebook policy on gun sales, removal of posts

Facebook marketing and sales is very big indeed because of the amount of users on the social networking site; the site has just released a press release stating any posts relating to guns will be removed. If any Facebook post relating to guns are posted on the site they will be removed if users … [Read more...]

Projected iPhone 5 Sales, Vicious Email & 4S Rumors


One of the biggest events of this year will be kicking off today, with Apple holding their iPhone event at their very own Cupertino Campus. Until officially announced, multiple sources are reporting on the device to be that of the iPhone 5 although, we shouldn't really count our chickens until the … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II (S2) Smashes Flagship Phone Sales Record Already


Expectations were high but Samsung must have been surprised when the figures started rolling in for their latest high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S2. As a successor to the already popular Galaxy S, the S2 had a large mountain to climb to match its predecessor. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Responsible For Downward Trend In PC Sales?


When you decide to splash out on a new electronic device, what is at the top of your wish list? It maybe that your phone contract is about to expire so you dream of the latest smartphones from the likes of Apple, Samsung or HTC. But what else is listed right at the top of must have devices? … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Vs iPhone 4: UK Monthly Sales Chart


When you think of the smartphone market what is the first thing that pops into your mind? For most people it will either be the phone that they already posses or the Apple iPhone or even the new bad boy from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S2 … [Read more...]

Apple’s Chinese Plant Up In Smoke: iPad 2 Sales Affected?


Today (Friday) it was reported that an explosion happened at Apple's Foxconn Chengdu premises in China where the popular iPad 2 tablet is manufactured. Although it wasn’t apparent to start with whether there had been any loss of life, damage to the plant and so on, details have been emerging … [Read more...]

Using Social Media to Generate Leads: Three Important Stages


Here at OSM we often write about the merits of social media and also social media marketing with recent examples looking at a travel agency’s success using social media, 14 steps to using social media for your business and also airlines using social media in a bid to improve customer service. … [Read more...]

White iPhone 4 Shortages Already? : 3 - 5 Days Shipping Time


We’ve been writing about the white iPhone 4 (or lack of it) for longer than we can remember but today after many delays, it finally goes on sale in retail stores and online. However if you want one, you may want to head out to a store pretty quickly. We’re wondering if there are white iPhone … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS Sales Fail to Meet Expectations


Only a couple of days we brought you some news on the Nintendo 3DS where we looked at the fact that Nintendo is looking to the success of the 3DS and also the Wii 2 when out, to restore plummeting sales. However we have heard today that Nintendo 3DS sales have failed to meet expectations … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Sales Extend to More Countries: Japan, Hong Kong & More


Since the launch of the Apple iPad 2 we’ve brought you the initial phenomenal sales news, then the fact that sales forecasts rose because of the pure demand for the tablet. We then told yesterday though, that those forecasts have now weakened because of concerns over not being able to keep up with … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Sales Forecasts Weaken: Component Shortages May Hit


The success of the Apple iPad 2 since it’s launch last month has been nothing short of phenomenal. A couple of weeks ago we told how initial sales forecasts had been raised following the massive early sales but we now hear that iPad 2 sales forecasts have weakened following concerns about component … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Sales Forecasts to be Smashed: Could be 45 Million


Since the release of the Apple iPad 2 last month we’ve spoken several times about the staggering success of this tablet device. The huge demand soon became evident and we spoke about how sales forecasts by analysts were being raised to 30 million units in 2011. Now it seems even those updated sales … [Read more...]

Verizon CDMA iPhone 2012: Billion Dollar Revenue Sales Expected


On the lead up to the release of Verizon's iPhone 4 just a couple of months ago, nobody at that time could gauge how popular the handset would be. Up until now the phone has been steadily moving along but today, we can now give you sales predictions for this year and 2012 reported from analyst Mark … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Sales Smash: Up to 2.6 Million and Counting


It’s no secret that the Apple iPad 2 has seen phenomenal success since it’s release last month and we have written many articles about the demand for the tablet and just recently how shipping times are going down, a sign that supplies are beginning to improve. We now hear confirmation that indeed … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Sales Forecasts of 1 Million: Realistic Goal for Apple?


We’ve been posting articles about the next-generation Apple iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5 for some time now, almost since the release of the iPhone 4 it seems. We now have news of reports saying that when we see the release of the iPhone 5 it could well reach sales of one million and we wonder if … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Demand: Sales Forecasts Grow


Since the release of the Apple iPad 2 on March 11 in the US and then on March 25 in many more countries, it has been a phenomenal success. Although we all knew it would be popular the sheer scale of Apple iPad 2 demand is now seeing sales forecasts grow. … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Sales: Now 4 - 5 weeks for online orders!


Since the Apple Pad 2 was finally released on Friday we have followed the developments of sales and more specifically the high demand leading to low availability. Now we have updated news for you of online order shipping times and if you’re waiting for an iPad 2 or about to order one, it’s not good … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone Launch: Cringeworthy video - no blowout sales


The long-awaited release of the Apple iPhone on Verizon has finally come and gone and we’ve already briefly touched in an article yesterday on how sales “ran smoothly” at Verizon stores. As it was the first day that the Verizon iPhone went on sale in-store, some may be surprised that sales were not … [Read more...]

3D Blu-rays and TVs Taking Off: In Japan at least


It seems that more and more 3D Blu-Ray recorders and TVs are coming on to the market but so far we’ve not seen quite as much enthusiasm as anticipated for these products. However it seems that over in Japan it’s a very different story. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Xbox 360 and Kinect: Shortages looming


Most of us have probably heard of how popular the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console and its Kinect accessory was over the holiday season with Microsoft gaining huge sales of one of the latest must-have devices. … [Read more...]

Motorola Xoom vs BlackBerry PlayBook: Sales War


It’s no overstatement to say that 2011 looks set to be the year of the tablet and we’ve seen many impressive devices coming out of CES 2011. The next-generation iPad, the iPad 2, is also coming out but it remains to be seen if Apple will be able to hold onto its share in the tablet market when the … [Read more...]

Tablets Vs. Games Consoles Vs. PCs: Cannibalizing Sales


It appears that the trusty PC is beginning to suffer from the upsurge in tablet devices and also gaming consoles with news that sales are being hit hard. Over the holiday season not only did the continued surge of tablets such as the iPad conspire to dent sales of PCs, but other connected devices … [Read more...]