Bogus Safari update adds two nasty programs

Bogus Safari update adds two nasty programs pic 1

There is a bogus Safari update floating around at the moment that can lead to you installing two nasty programs, in that we mean nasty in being fairly hard to uninstall for your Mac. Thanks to leading researchers Malwarebytes, they have discovered a few websites pushing out a fake Safari update. … [Read more...]

Facebook Smashing Apple’s Backdoor In With Project Spartan


Facebook is quite often the focus of OSM as we strive to bring you the latest news from the social media and social networking worlds. We have seen some crazy things to do with Facebook recently including a woman that used the site to advertise for a hitman and also how Facebook is currently the … [Read more...]

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion New Feature: Do-not-track Privacy Tool


Developers sifting through the latest build of Mac OS X Lion have found a new feature, a privacy tool in the Safari web browser. This means that Apple’s browser would join with other main browsers in committing to the do-not-track tool, which would mean that websites would not be able to track user … [Read more...]

Pwn2Own: IE8 & Safari Hammer Timed - Chrome OK For Now


When it comes to hacking there’s all sorts going on out there! As you are probably aware 'Geohot' is one person that is currently suffering at the hands of Sony after uncovering the holy grail of the PS3. We have already informed you of some of the details of the Pwn2Own browser contest but let’s … [Read more...]

Google Chrome Browser: Finishes 2010 with 10% Share


When you look at the browsers of today, Internet Explorer is still the most widely used by some way it actually accounts for over half of the browser usage. Different browsers are being used all the time and the increase that can be seen for Safari is more than likely due to the amount of Apple … [Read more...]

Google To Gain from HTML5, not just Apple


Google has gone for a more unusual type of advertising, this time they have put an ad in the LA Times. So the LA Times Google ad, what did it actually say? Well Google are offering a simple guide to browsers and the web, then at the bottom of the advert have added “Google chrome” … [Read more...]

Apple iPad Tablet Tips and Tricks


With the Apple’s iPad tablet becoming increasingly popular by the day, it would be nice for you to get the most out of your tablet without sifting through a so called instruction manual. In total there are approximately 10 tips and tricks that we know of, to get you started, from organising your … [Read more...]

Browser Market Share: Google Chrome only significant riser


Browser market share has always been rather a difficult thing to measure but new figures are out showing the worldwide browser market share for September 2010 and they make for interesting reading. It appears that Google Chrome is really the only browser that’s managed to make any significant … [Read more...]

15 Safari Extensions: Ultimate add-ons


As many browser users will tell you, extentions/add-ons are awesome! They allow you to put extra functionality into your browser which can let you do anything from sync bookmarks across multiple machines, to automatically checking your webmail inbox and letting you know if you have any new messages. … [Read more...]

Pwn2own Contest: iPhone, Firefox, Safari and IE8 all hacked

Pwn2own Contest- iPhone Firefox, Safari and IE8 all hacked

The Pwn2own contest that is held once a year gives hackers and security experts the chance to do what they do best – and that is to show how they are able to breach everyday software that we take for granted, all legally of course. … [Read more...]