New Sony S1 & S2 Tablets Enlighten Us Further: VIDEO

Back in April, we enlightened you with two possible tablets in the pipeline, the S1 and S2 as they were named from tech giants Sony. At the time we didn’t really have much to go on other than rumored specs, price and of course the important release date. Now with a handful of extra articles and … [Read more...]

Sony’s S1 Tablet UK Release Date In September

The tablet PC market is one that has had some crazy volumes of interest especially over the last year or so. If you go back to the very beginning, there were a few tablet PCs on the market but they weren’t really selling well, then Apple decided they wanted to release one. Of course with the … [Read more...]

Sony S1 and S2 YouTube Teaser Promo: Part 2

The tablet PC market has become one that has some real competition in it. It started out as one that was not so profitable, it was never really fashionable and the devices that were made never really had the specs and battery life to make a difference in comparison to laptops. Things have since … [Read more...]

Sony S1 & S2 Tablets: Pre-Order With Release Date News?

Its a job to know where to start when looking for a new smartphone or tablet device, lets face it the list is as long as both of our arms. No doubt its fair to say that Apple are renowned for their iPhone and iPad devices and since bot of their arrivals, competition has started to build. … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Outage: New S1 & S2 Tablets On Way, Compromised?

Since Wednesday 20th April, here at OSM we have been bringing as much news as possible to you regarding the ongoing Sony PSN outage. From the very beginning when the service went down to news of hackers being responsible, we have asked questions such as “what have you been doing to get your … [Read more...]

Sony Get Official With S1 & S2 Android Tablets: iPad 2 Contention

When it comes to tablet PCs Apple has generally led the way in the market. Things started out with the original iPad which they introduced to what back then was a dead market, but now because of Apple and a few other manufacturers it is now booming. Apple went with the 10-inch screen and left the … [Read more...]