Prince Charles Twitter reactions after Putin, Hitler remark

Prince Charles Twitter reactions after Putin, Hitler remark

Prince Charles is under the scrutiny of Twitter users at the moment after he reportedly said Putin is like Hitler, tweets are coming in very fast indeed and can see the Prince of Wales trending by the end of today or tomorrow morning. Breaking royal protocol Prince Charles reportedly likened … [Read more...]

Royal baby name and boy or girl debate: Update

Royal baby name and boy or girl debate

The nation has been sitting patiently for weeks now waiting for the Royal baby to arrive, since doing so and other than the baby being born everyone has been guessing the name that Prince William and Kate Middleton will finally choose. The Royal baby name guessing has socially gone viral. You can … [Read more...]

Guard Misses The Royal Wedding: Facebook Rant On Kate Middleton

We have certainly heard about some crazy acts of sheer stupidity on Facebook with people writing things as status updates and getting caught out. Some of the ones we have seen in recent times include a Parish that believes Facebook fosters sin, a teacher who was suspended for badmouthing students … [Read more...]

Twitter Reacts To Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Engagement

News has been rife that Prince William, second in line to the Royal throne and Kate Middleton have got engaged which will see them wed sometime next year. The announcement came today, not by the conventional methods but by online social networking site Twitter. … [Read more...]

HRH The Queen Gains 41,000 Facebook Fans


Yesterday at OSM, we reported on the British Royal Family joining Facebook, well not them individually but an official page set up to list events, speeches, where they would be at any given time and so on. This morning at 8 am the page was launched and saw an amazing response. … [Read more...]

Facebook Friends Request From Her Royal Highness

With Facebook's user base growing by the day pulling in an impressive 500 million or so people, today's news will only add to that number. For now, the British Royal Family have joined Facebook. … [Read more...]