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"Robot" News

DIY ArduSpider: Jose Julio’s Homemade Robot

[ 0 ] January 14, 2022

An article that made us at OSM smile was found over at Engadget where Donald Melanson has written an article on a homemade robot. We have seen a few different advances in the world of robotic construction but this one is our favorite so far

Hate Washing The Floor: Get iRobot Scooba 230 To Do It

[ 1 ] January 3, 2022

As technology moves on, we are finding new innovative ways of using it to our advantage. This product fits that mould exactly. The iRobot is designed to wash your floor for you with minimum input. How does that work? Lets have a look. The iRobot Scooba 230 uses iAdapt technology inside that monitors and senses…